Drivers of Success Awards 2019 Winners

The annual Drivers of Success competition recognizes innovative applications of CADWorx®, CAESAR II® and PV Elite®. Impressive project results are honored, which showcase significant benefits from collaboration among disciplines and the integration of the products.

DOS Winner CADWorx 2019

1st Place CADWorx - Zhejiang Titan Design & Engineering Co., Ltd., China

Zhejiang Titan made the engineering design for the Qilu Tianhe Huishi (Leling) Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Phase Ⅰ Project, which included more than 7000 pipe lines and 11000 isometric drawings. Using CADWorx Plant, they were able to reduce about 300 man-hours, finish the project one month in advance, and reduce the cost of material and cost of construction about 3%.

DOS Winner Caesar II 2019

1st Place CAESAR II - Rishabh Engineering, a Division of Rishabh Software, India

Rishabh was appointed to execute piping stress analysis of Vacuum Jacketed Liquid Nitrogen lines having a design temperature of -32° F and pressure of 200 PSIG for one of their facilities. Using CAESAR II, they were able to reduce overall training time by at least 30% saved 30% man-hours in the entire project, and improve design & modeling accuracy by 90%.

DOS Winner PV Elite 2016

1st Place PV Elite - Wison Engineering Ltd., China

With a tight deadline, Wison constructed a $700 million-dollar project with a designed capacity of 400k tons per year MDI and 500 items of static equipment. PV ELITE played a big part in the project with calculations of many different types of pressure vessels, including vessels, towers, reactors, filters, and heat exchangers.

Past Drivers of Success Award Winners