Isogen® is the world's leading solution for the total automation of piping isometric drawing production and is the Hexagon PPM standard system for drawing piping isometrics. Isogen is bundled with Intergraph Smart® 3D, PDS®, CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, and Intergraph Spoolgen® and Intergraph Isometrics.

Isogen is also supported by all major piping design solution vendors, who will either bundle Isogen with their product or will output one of the two Isogen data files - the Piping Component File (PCF) or the older Isogen Data File (IDF). Provided the system you use supports the PCF or IDF, you can license Isogen Team or Solo Edition from Hexagon PPM and take advantage of its industry-leading capability for reliable, fast, and automated piping isometric drawing creation.

You can read more below about Hexagon PPM's commitment to using the Isogen data format to implement data exchange during projects and options for companies wishing to license Isogen for bundling with 3D piping design systems.

Why Isogen?

Drawing Options

An Isogen isometric is essentially a report where users have a very high level of configuration available to tailor both the drawing and material list to their exact needs.

Two licensing models available

This allows user to choose the best model for their needs which is cost-effective and low-risk way to start using the software.

Highly configurable

The system can be fully customized to meet users' specific requirements, working practices, and drawing standards

Isogen for end users – licensing options

Isogen Team Edition

Isogen Team Edition enables you to process an unlimited number of pipelines, from any source, into drawings. This option is more cost-effective for larger projects, or if you plan to use Isogen for more than one project.

Isogen Solo Edition

Isogen Solo Edition offers a counted pool of licenses that decreases each time Isogen runs a PCF or IDF. You can buy license tokens in batches of 500 or 1,000, making sure you have enough for the project, and allowing for any testing, revisions, or re-runs. This is a cost-effective, low-risk way to start using the software. It is ideal for small projects.

Isogen® for Third Party Developers

Supporting the Isogen Piping Component File

The PCF format is the de facto industry standard for piping data exchange and has recently been extended in a collaboration with Fiatech™ (www.fiatech.org) to contain additional fields to support pipe fabrication and construction.

Recently featured in a Fiatech webinar, learn more here.

Hexagon PPM has pledged to share information about the PCF and to encourage its use without restriction or cost. You can download the latest documentation here. You can support the PCF format for both reading piping data into your application and writing it to pass piping data to other solutions, including Isogen itself, which is available from Intergraph worldwide as a standalone application as described above.
Isogen Alliance Program

A member of the Alliance program receives Isogen software and support (via web based Smart Support system) from Hexagon PPM to help the third-party developer to develop, test, and support both pre- and post-sales activities involving the use of Isogen with their application. Isogen is supplied to end users by Hexagon PPM as described above.

As a pre-requisite to joining the Isogen Alliance Program, the third-party developer must demonstrate that it can support a minimum standard for PCF content and quality.

There is an annual fee for membership of the Isogen Alliance Program. For further information contact Alias Ltd (a Hexagon PPM subsidiary) at info.alias.ppm@hexagon.com

Bundling Isogen

This is technically and commercially the most complex solution. Hexagon PPM can supply the Isogen software as a component which is included in the third-party application. Once the third party supports the Isogen PCF, the Isogen API can be called to run Isogen using a “style” – or set of Isogen settings which control the output – against a PCF. The resulting drawings and reports can be handled within the application (for example, allowing the user to view the result). The whole operation can appear completely seamless to the user, who never leaves the host application.

Included in the Isogen software bundle is I-Configure, which helps the end user configure an Isogen style through a series of dynamic, visual settings. The 3rd party developer will be supported via the web based Smart Support system.

The reseller agreement is royalty based. There is no up-front fee, but the agreement is subject to a minimum quarterly royalty. The royalty is negotiated based on several factors and is levied on all income from sales, maintenance and lease; the third-party developer is free to use whatever business model makes sense.

For further information contact Alias Ltd (a Hexagon PPM subsidiary) at info.alias.ppm@hexagon.com

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