Intergraph Smart® LPM

Intergraph Smart® LPM leverages 3D model graphics and data to help yards and EPCs simulate and plan in advance most of the activities related to modules and blocks assembly, welding, lifting, transporting, and more.

Intergraph Smart LPM

At ship and offshore yards, assembling, lifting, and moving around big blocks and modules requires many activities that have to be planned mostly in advance to avoid costly idle time during fabrication and to ensure workers’ safety on the shop floor. There are hundreds of documents and drawings that have to be prepared in order to instruct crews on the right operating sequence to accomplish their jobs in the most safe and productive way.

Intergraph Smart® LPM provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to be used on top of the 3D model design to prepare all necessary deliverables to be used at the yard for assemblies and blocks painting, scaffolding installation and removal, lifting lugs positioning, cranes configuration, and much more.

Smart® LPM can import several different formats of CAD 3D models, and for this reason it’s a great tool for the production engineering office at the yard, independently by the 3D CAD systems that is used by the design office.

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Why Intergraph Smart® LPM?

Improved Production Planning

Intergraph Smart® LPM, leveraging 3D models and data from design phase, helps fabrication yards improve assembly tasks estimation accuracy. Thanks to dedicated and configurable functionalities, Smart® LPM can easily and quickly calculate quantities like welds, painting, and more for each specific stage of the block or module assembly. This information can be easily extracted from the system in Excel format and be used by the yard manager to improve the overall production planning process.

Convenient Tools

Scaffolding operations at a yard require accurate bill of material and installation and removal stages information. Intergraph Smart® LPM provides the right tools to quickly create, copy, and modify scaffolding in a 3D environment and to obtain automatically all the relevant deliverables. Detailed drawings and Excel reports can be automatically generated by the system and provided to the scaffolding crews on site in order to save time during installation and removal stages.

Automated Drawings

Blocks and modules fabrication at the yard require a lot of documentation that has to be prepared before starting any assembly operation. Intergraph Smart® LPM allows the production engineering office to quickly define the erection sequence based on the yard’s best practices and when ready, DAP drawings (Detailed Assembly Procedure) can be automatically generated by the system including all the necessary information for blocks or modules turnover, pre-outfitting, painting, etc.

Intergraph Smart® LPM Features

Quantities Estimation

Intergraph Smart® LPM, through its OPM module (Objects Properties Manager), allows a fast and intuitive way to browse the 3D model most relevant data such as weight, center of gravity, welds length, surfaces for painting and insulation, and more. OPM has searching, filtering, and sorting capabilities that allow the users to quickly and easily create the list of quantities needed for estimations during the entire phase of the project.

Core Revision Management

Because Intergraph Smart® LPM starts to use the design 3D model in the early stage of the project, new versions of the same model are available almost daily. Smart® LPM Core Revision Management module ensure the automatic update and refresh of the 3D model new versions, keeping track of all the variations made from one version to the new one. The Core Revision Management module also allows the scheduling of the design 3D model automatic publishing, making this operation completely transparent to the final user.

Top-down Planning

Intergraph Smart® LPM can quickly group parts to form assemblies and then assemblies to form sub-blocks or blocks and so forth. In this way the production engineering office can create more accurate estimations for each step of the construction phases in the earliest stages of the project, ensuring more efficiency on the shop floor and reducing at minimum idle time.

CAD Agnostic

Intergraph Smart® LPM has been designed to work on top of the most used 3D modeling design systems, such as Aveva PDMS, ShipConstructor, Tekla, and of course all Intergraph 3D design systems, including Smart 3D and PDS. Through its interoperability technology, third party 3D models are translated in a format that Smart LPM can use and ‘consume’ to generate drawings, make quantities estimations, design scaffolding, and so forth. This makes Smart LPM a great tool for the yard’s production engineering office, independently by the 3D CAD systems that is used by the design office.

Detailed Assembly Procedure (DAP)

Intergraph Smart® LPM Detailed Assembly Procedure Command allows production engineers to create in a few clicks and seconds very complex drawings that generally take hours to be done at the yard using traditional CAD systems. From one simple and intuitive window, users can check weight, center of gravity, and orientation for each block, sub-block or assembly and make an effective drawing composition. Smart LPM's outstanding drawing technology will do the rest, creating automatically the final output including labels and material lists when needed.

Production Data and Deliverables

There are many activities at the yard that have to be driven by detailed drawings and information. Scaffolding, lifting, transportation, and painting are all tasks that require a lot of documentation to be prepared by the production engineering office at the yard. Intergraph Smart® LPM comes with special features and functionalities that allow a fast and easy placement of construction supporting items such as scaffolding and lifting lugs and also several predefined drawings view styles that can be used to extract all the relevant information from the 3D model in seconds.