Intergraph Smart® Completions

A comprehensive solution proven to provide visibility of completions throughout the full life cycle of industrial projects

Intergraph Smart Completions, product

Intergraph Smart® Completions creates a foundation of information with traceability and accountability for custody, control and work processes providing seamless transitions to operations and maintenance. Manage all your projects, large or small, by enabling your organization to effectively plan, prepare and execute a project.

Smart Completions is used on some of the largest mega-projects throughout the world with exceptional performance and results. It is a reliable and predictable system, designed to achieve owners’ goals.

Smart Completions is designed to consolidate asset information and verify installation, testing and performance of all equipment, instruments, piping and Control System IO points. The flexible foundation provides projects the tools needed to track all facets to ensure system integrity and deliver the end product that meet ISO specifications or higher standards.

Available on SmartPlant Cloud


Centralize information required for day-to-day operations and task completion

Standardize the development and “linking” of critical documentation

Manage detailed plant information and eliminate inaccurate and conflicting data

Improve searching through information integration and advanced queries

Communicate with other applications to improve change management

Provides a single platform to manage all aspects of construction and commissioning projects

Asset Preservation

Optimize priorities of asset utilization, care, short-term performance, and long-term sustainability; manage capital investments and operating costs, risks, and performance

Commissioning Systemization

Identify how and when equipment, systems and processes will be transferred between construction, commissioning, and operations

Document Control and Change Management

Control documents, drawings, and procedures by giving “approvers” access to native files; authorize the transition of proposed changes to their desired future states

Jobs and Tasks

Simplify how to identify, assign, and track completion of project tasks; give info access on equipment, tools, and consumables to the appropriate workers

Turnover Packages

Demonstrate that vendors and contractors providing goods and services comply with industry standards and specifications

Punch listing

Productivity enhancement for applying filters lets users efficiently filter data without having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of filters for assemblies, drawings, spools, packages, and package statuses