Intergraph Smart® Cloud

Intergraph, Smart Cloud

Intergraph Smart® Cloud is Hexagon PPM's Software as a Service environment for delivering Intergraph Smart and SmartPlant® applications in a high-performance, secure, and reliable fashion.

Smart Cloud enables consistency of project tools in FEED, detailed design, and operations to better meet schedule commitments, reduce migration costs, ensure higher quality and integrity of data, and ease the handover process. The Smart Cloud Portal provides an easy to use interface for users to access project applications and is designed to streamline the management of your cloud environment.

Continuous optimization, coupled with 24x7 monitoring and support, give users more time-on-tools without having to worry about the details of running the underlying software and infrastructure. Smart Cloud also enables data centralization for better analytics and serves as a foundational element for digital transformation initiatives.

Download the Intergraph Smart Cloud brochure here.

Hexagon PPM offers a free trial of Smart Cloud, in addition to a month-long proof of concept offering. Contact your account manager for more information, or submit your request here.

Welcome to SmartPlant Cloud

With Intergraph Smart Cloud, you can:

Receive 24/7 global support

Consolidate and centralize data

Shorten application deployment time

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs

Eliminate data-checking exercises

End project data erosion

Gain earlier visibility into operations

Increase consistency of deliverables

Collaborate in real time with all locations

We see two key benefits to Intergraph Smart Cloud. The first is the application expertise that Hexagon PPM brings…The second is the speed of onboarding. Hexagon PPM worked closely with our internal experts to address any issues, which meant we were able to get what can be a complex product into production quickly.

Jackie Davis
Senior Applications Specialist, Process & Industrial Piping Department; Burns & McDonnell

Benefits of Intergraph® Smart Cloud

Pay As You Go

What does it cost you to run Smart applications?

Cloud_Icon_CostReductionPay for only what you need at that point in time. Eliminate buying and maintaining for peak usage at the early and late stages of your project when infrastructure requirements are much less. Smart Cloud automatically right-sizes the infrastructure globally to match your need. Our dedicated experts manage the health of the service and provide the fastest end user support..

Improve delivery of Smart applications at a lower cost


Where is your biggest security threat?


Outside hackers are what most companies perceive as their biggest threat, however, according to the 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast by Experian almost 60% of security incidents were caused by employees. When you include vendors, suppliers, contractors, and partners the risk grows. Hexagon PPM reduces this risk by our industry-leading commitment to ISO 27001 in protecting your data with strong user compliance and governance. Furthermore, our backup and disaster recovery strategy also protects your data confidentiality, integrity, and availability in case of an event.

Smart Cloud can significantly increase security.

Data Ownership

What is the right balance between cloud, flexibility and control for you?


In today’s economy, can you afford not to consider this question? Hexagon PPM understands that different companies have different strategies towards cloud adoption. Smart Cloud delivers robust data segregation, flexibility of your environment and full ownership/control of your data - meaning that your IP is protected. This frees up your resources to add more value to your business.

Leverage our experts and yours to meet your business objectives.

Agility & Flexibility

What is the value to you in being more agile and flexible?


Project Managers have told us that it can take months to be fully operational, which eats into the schedule. Additionally provisioning for peak usage leads to idle resources and increased costs in both infrastructure and man-hours. Smart Cloud enables global agility to rapidly start-up, compress schedules, and scale up or down to meet your business needs.

Faster Start-up. Compressed Schedules. Lower Cost.


What are you spending on supporting end users?


Maintaining and monitoring a global infrastructure is not your core business. Having the right resources available at the right time and location is expensive and challenging. Smart Cloud provides the needed resources at a lower cost, freeing your staff to focus on activities that differentiate your business. Your organization benefits from a single interface to a partner that has responsibility to address all issues.

Continuous optimization and monitoring with 24/7 expert support.


Speed up your conversion to Cloud with minimal training


We understand that your focus is on gaining time-on-tools, and not on IT tasks. The Smart Cloud Portal simplifies user and administrative access to speed-up cloud adoption and reduce the IT overhead of managing cloud infrastructure and user access. The portal delivers real-time usage reporting, end-user management, application access level control, and other critical information. This level of access puts control of the Cloud service in management’s hands, while we take care of the IT infrastructure details for you. The Intergraph Smart Cloud Portal is global, mobile ready, and can provide all users a simple to use interface for gaining access to their project applications.

A unique, global, mobile ready, environment to simply day-to-day activities

Intergraph Smart Cloud Security

Discover how Intergraph Smart Cloud is designed to mitigate security threats, the unique advantages of having Hexagon PPM experts operating Intergraph Smart and SmartPlant software in the cloud, and the external validation earned from audits and penetration tests.

Design Office Replaces Aveva VNET with Smart Toolset in the Cloud
This global oil operator's design office works on FEED projects primarily in the North Sea. Switching to Hexagon PPM solutions on Smart Cloud helped avoid potentially major issues.
LNG Joint Venture Utilizes Smart Cloud for FEED
This project consists of a global energy consortium joined together to design, build, and operate a liquefied natural gas expert terminal in British Columbia. It marks the lead operator's first full-cloud approach to improve business processes from design to handover and operations.
Mega Oil Operator Saves $1 Million with Intergraph Smart Cloud
This project represents the mining operation portion of a mega oil sands project in Canada. The lead operator's asset discontinued the use of its Livelink document management solution for Hexagon PPM solutions delivered in Smart Cloud, which saved $1 million annually. 
Leading Owner Operator Utilizes Smart Cloud for Megaproject
This project is located on one of the world's largest and richest oil fields, with an estimated 38 billion barrels of oil in place. It involved a revamp of brownfield installations and substantial greenfield oil processing facilities and new wells.
The New Cloud Reality

Joe Morray of EMC Corporation discusses how recent market challenges are driving cloud adoption, and how the cloud can create new ways of doing business.

ACCIONA Industrial Manages Materials in the Cloud

Leading Spanish EPC company hosts Hexagon PPM Materials solution on Intergraph Smart Cloud for improved power plant project execution.