SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators Core

Take advantage of powerful platform and pre-configured core processes that are relevant throughout the complete facility life cycle.

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SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators Core (SPO Core) provides rapid access to key information within the engineering design basis via multiple search mechanisms and navigation paths. This reduces the time needed to gather necessary information and ensures all relevant information is readily available to facilitate quicker and better decision-making.

With SPO we are ordering all the information and we have all this information regarding the design tools in order so we are using all of the design tools to controlling the MOC, or Management of Change, in the plant, so every time that we have a change in the plan, we are reusing all of the engineering information from the project. Keeping alive all of these design tools was very useful. We are saving tons of time and money because of that.

Patricio Soto
Information Manager, Caserones SCM Minera Lumina Copper

Enjoy these great features


Facilitating the navigation of data via the plant breakdown structure and work breakdown structure by work packages

Tag management

Consistent and accurate allocation of tag number in accordance with plant numbering system

Document management

Providing auditable traceability and managing the vast numbers of documents that describe a complex process facility

Model and asset

Manage standard manufactured materials by model, individual serialized equipment, and associated documentation

Risk-reducing measures

Tracking and managing all risk-reducing measures

Action and issue tracking

Workflow to manage vast amounts of actions and issues

Plant data loading

Bulk loading of data

Engineering and design

Maintaining the dynamic design basis during small on-site projects

Fast Track implementation

Fixed implementation scope within 60 days

Organize and manage information during operations and maintenance

Learn how Lumina Copper in its US$4.2 billion Caserones project in Chile has developed a comprehensive strategy for managing large volumes of complex information based on SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO).

Process Safety Management

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