SmartPlant® Enterprise for EPC Data Take on and Handover

The increasing adoption of SmartPlant® Foundation (SPF)-based systems by engineering contractors (EPCs) and owner operators (OO) has led to increasing demand for a solution to make the process of handover of data and documentation between these systems simpler.

close up plant

Hexagon PPM meets this need with the SmartPlant® Enterprise (SPE) for EPCs Handover solution, enabling data and documentation to be quickly and easily moved between SPF-based systems.

The solution supports the handover of intelligent 3D models and schematics that have been published from SmartPlant design tools into SPF. SPE Handover preserves the inherent intelligence so that intelligent navigation in the source SPF system is available on target SPF systems as if it had been published locally. It includes SmartPlant Fusion, Intergraph Smart® Data Validator, and SPO Handover edition.

Key benefits

Faster, better

Accelerated and improved start-up and commissioning process

Lower costs

Reduced handover cost costs for CAPEX projects and reduced modification costs

Improved data

Ensures trustworthy data is delivered to support operations and maintenance, improving quality and aiding decisions