SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

The SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry (MTR) is a module for tag management and tag register production, focused on making tag registers easier to produce for handover to owners.

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Traditional methods for tag handover involve the tedious, manual collection of numerous, key technical data from many disparate sources. This data must be checked, organized, and formatted in preparation for delivery to the owner. In many instances, this work is postponed until late in the project when those best equipped to resolve discrepancies and make corrections have been de-staffed. Unanticipated risk and cost to the project result. In some instances, this has been in excess of $1 million per project.

The SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry (MTR) is a module for tag management and tag register production, focused on making tag registers easier to produce for handover to owners.

Why SmartPlant Master Tag Registry?

MTR in the Cloud

Improve collaboration with vendors and reduce costs with MTR in the cloud

Improved vendor collaboration

Manual work traditionally required is eliminated.

Automated collection of data

Traditionally required manual work is eliminated.

Bring forward data preparation

Data gathering and tag register production are shifted to earlier in the project.

Improve tag register production

Automatically generate and update at each required milestone

Leverage tracked changes

Automatically produce incremental registers and review changes between versions.

Enhance early visibility of collected tag data

Identify issues early in the project, while knowledgeable staff is still available to address issues.

Validate the Tags by using Intergraph Smart® Data Validator

Validate Excel data lists received from vendors and load the validated data into MTR

Master Tag Registry Phase 1 is an important step for Technip by offering an easy and controlled way in the delivery of the data required by our clients for their operational and maintenance systems, along project life cycle.

Jean-Luc Hoffert
Technip Project Information & Tools Department Manager/Directeur

Key capabilities

Sample registers

Preconfigured tag registers help projects accelerate their startup.

Easy register configurations

Tag registers are configured in a layered process, and Register Definitions are used as templates to create tag registers.

Faster register generation

Tag registers are created in MS Excel or ASCII. Once configured, desired registers are picked their contents refreshed.

TAG Validation

Ensure data integrity by validating the registers

SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

Handover registers are difficult and expensive to produce. They are assembled from an aggregation of technical data from multiple disciplines and disparate sources. The Intergraph SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry (MTR) makes it easier and more efficient to collect, consolidate, and monitor this data throughout the life of the project, from beginning to end.

What’s New in SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry 2016

Hexagon PPM's SmartPlant Master Tag Registry (MTR) features user-requested enhancements and innovative capabilities.

SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry - Product Vision

SmartPlant Master® Tag Registry provides an integrated, master tag registry to facilitate faster and easier alignment on tagging across the numerous deliverables, departments and vendors.

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