SmartPlant® Fusion

This automated engineering solution helps reduce document search and validation time, extract intelligence from unstructured data from contractors, and discover inconsistencies during project execution.

Trustworthy engineering data and documentation is essential to both effective project delivery and safe, efficient operations. EPCs and owner operators alike struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information –documents, drawings, models, lists, and datasheets, which exist in multiple formats and are found scattered in various locations.

SmartPlant® Fusion is a breakthrough solution to help you find, capture, organize, link, and visualize large volumes of engineering data and documents through a simple web portal. SmartPlant Fusion is the fastest way to establish a single point of access to all your engineering information.

Available on SmartPlant Cloud

Better data quality for owner operators projects & operations

Improved decision-making

Dramatically reduces document search and validation time, automatically discovers hidden content avoiding, providing the right base for decision making


Enables off-site access and team collaboration, avoiding travel costs and the hazards associated with on-facility work

Increased safety

Increases safety and regulatory compliance by providing fast access to required information

Improved data-quality for EPC projects

Reduced manual effort

Extracts intelligence from unstructured data from contractors or vendors, also of tag information for tag-document reports for better project delivery

Better accessibility

Allows interdisciplinary access to the engineering information by incorporating engineering information from multiple sources via the data base readers

Increased quality

Allows you to discover inconsistencies during the project execution and address them early and avoid costly rework

Intergraph has helped us by providing software which is able to characterize all of these tags. Significant cost reductions can be found when we use the automated software like what SmartPlant Fusion does for us.

Jacek Morawski
Engineering Director, Amec Foster Wheeler, Oil & Gas Canada

Intuitive, single point of access to documents and data

Multiple readers

Supports readers for data, documents, diagrams, images, 3D models, and Leica TruView laser scans

Master document

Reveals document revisions and duplicates and helps you determine the best master


Helps you “find what you need from what you know” by linking objects to their related documents

Quality control

Provides Quality Control for correction and completion of document attributes and relationships


Allows visualization and navigation via 3D models and high-definition surveys (if available)


Includes a reporting and charting engine with standard reports for document lists, tag lists, document status, tag-document relationships, and more

Start your CFIHOS Compliance with Hexagon PPM
Handover headaches? Hexagon PPM offers our customers a generic handover specification that can be used as a template for any project. Download them here. 
The Big Handover Challenge: Supporting Handover During Both Projects and Operations

Research has shown that handover to operations costs for a US$1 billion facility can be up to US$20 million and take a year to complete. In a recent survey conducted by Hexagon PPM, industry information management professionals shared some of their handover challenges; reviewing information quality and checking on completeness as well as validating information against the specifications have been deemed most critical.

What's New in SmartPlant® Fusion

SmartPlant® Fusion is the fastest and smartest way to make legacy information available for decision support. Intergraph has released SmartPlant Fusion 2016 R1 featuring user requested enhancements and innovative capabilities. Download this 30-minute (& 15-minute Q&A).

Capturing Tags to Document Relationships

Download this webinar to learn how AMEC implemented SmartPlant® Fusion, to help find, capture, organize, link, and visualize large volumes of data and documents through a simple Web portal.

Prepare your facility for the future with SmartPlant® Fusion

Owner operators can't afford to stay stuck in the past. Your facilities need to be prepared for the future to improve safety, efficiency, and operating costs. Forward-thinking facilities are preparing for the future by digitizing asset information with SmartPlant® Fusion. This platform allows you to capture, organize, visualize, digitize, and manage information. Learn more about the benefits by visiting our interactive SmartPlant Fusion landing page.

Digitizing one of the Largest Power Plants in the World

Read the Case Study featuring Eskom's use of SmartPlant® Fusion and Leica TruView to operate the Matimba Power Plant in South Africa.

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