Standard Database for Intergraph Smart® Reference Data

Standard Database for Intergraph Smart® Reference Data is a pre-configured, recommended best practice solution to enable rapid implementation of enterprise reference data management and/or materials management.

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With millions of individual parts to describe, the complexity in standardizing material descriptions is significant. To reduce this effort, Hexagon PPM has built a Standard Database for Intergraph Smart® Reference Data that delivers a comprehensive range of commodity codes you can use to uniquely describe materials throughout a project life cycle. Within Smart Reference Data, the Standard Database employs sophisticated and exhaustive rules to maintain material descriptions.

The Standard Database incorporates a comprehensive catalog of industry-standard material parts, organized and described for out-of-the-box use by owner operators, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction. The content is pre-configured to enable catalog and piping specification interfaces to intelligent 3D applications (Intergraph Smart® 3D, PDS®, and CADWorx®).

Dozens of Support types and hundreds of sample pipe supports are included in version 2018 of the Standard Database. These supports have been designed to cover 80 percent of pipe support modeling needs of our customers. These Hangers and Supports are industry generic and applicable to process, power, onshore, offshore and pharma applications.

Standard Database is designed to provide customers with a quick start on projects, by not having to spend hundreds of work hours to create standard reference data.  What is offered in the Standard Database is fully tested with the design tools so it is ready to go with 3D Design tools, Schematic tools and Material Management.

Why Standard Database for Intergraph Smart® Reference Data

Faster Implementation

Depending on the scope of the implementation, clients can typically save between three to 12 months on the initial implementation, and corresponding consulting and training fees

Less Training

Training is minimized, reducing implementation time and cost

Increase Productivity

High-quality production startup is ensured by eliminating the need for clients to re-enter the same standard reference data

PIP is pleased to be working with Intergraph to make our piping material specifications available to the industry. Our partnership with Intergraph will enhance delivery, and provide additional outlets for our PIP Practices. In addition, access to SmartPlant Reference Data will enable us to better manage future revisions and updates to our piping material specifications.

Bernie Ebert
Director of PIP
What's New in Intergraph Smart Reference Data Plus
Download this webinar, originally presented August 4, 2015, to explore these developments and features internal benchmarks showing significant reduction in time taken for creating specs for Intergraph Smart 3D in SRD Plus.
Intergraph Smart® 3D

Intergraph Smart® 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation.

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Intergraph Smart Reference Data TUF Group
Smart Reference Data is the software tool for maintaining Reference Data (catalog and specs) for Intergraph Smart® 3D, Intergraph Smart Materials and other enterprise tools. This group also includes Standard Database (SDB) products.