SmartPlant® Isometrics


Designed to meet the design and documentation challenges of EPCs, fabricators, and owner operators, SmartPlant® Isometrics is a versatile 2D design product that plays an important role in the production and transfer of piping data along the Digital Isometric Value Chain.

Design time equals money. Why spend hours producing isometric drawings using paper and pencil or 2D CAD systems when you can use SmartPlant Isometrics and do it in minutes? SmartPlant Isometrics is simple to use and easy to learn, requiring minimal training. You simply sketch the pipe; add any desired components such as flanges, valves, gaskets, and bolts; dimension the pipe; and then let SmartPlant Isometrics do the rest.

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Why SmartPlant Isometrics?

Easy to Use and Produces Accurate Results

SmartPlant Isometrics is a standalone solution that is user-friendly so minimal training is required. It is a quick and easy iplementation for users. It also reduces errors for increased accuracy.

Improved Productivity

The user will have improved productivity through automation and reduced manual editing.

Integrates with Leading Plant Design Systems

This generates benefits from standardizing on certain systems across specific operations and streamlining data and documentation collection. This will help gain productivity in bi-directional usage of piping data.

We have discovered that it is very important to leverage technology to improve productivity and the Intergraph SmartPlant Isometrics application has proved to be a sound investment for Keppel Shipyard.

Mr. Ng Siong Seng
Senior Manager of Piping Engineering Production

Key Features

Automation of Drawings

Enables sketching of individual pipelines or piping systems in only minutes and generation of isometric drawings in seconds. Includes templates for production of check, fabrication, and erection-type drawings

Document As-Built Piping Systems

When isometric documents do not exist, you can use SmartPlant Isometrics to capture as-built piping systems electronically – it’s no longer necessary to use pencil and paper.

Integrate with Leading Plant Design Systems

SmartPlant Isometrics automates the conversion of reference data from a variety of plant design systems. Following a brief implementation period during which the specific structure of the data is described to the software, the conversion process takes only minutes. SmartPlant Isometrics’ ability to receive reference data in this way allows it to work closely with leading 3D plant design systems.

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