PDS 3D Theory

This course is highly recommended for Project Managers, who will get an overall understanding of the PDS 3D applications and their capabilities. This course is also the foundation course for all PDS 3D specialist courses. It explains the theory behind the PDS 3D products so that a variety of advanced users can make good decisions as they use, support, or modify the applications. This course, consisting primarily of lecture and discussion, focuses on the structure of the various PDS modules, their relationship to reference data, their relationship to the RDBMS, and how data flows from one module to another. It is a recommended prerequisite course for courses dealing with interference detection, isometric drawing extraction, spec writing, and report writing. The course includes equipment and piping labs. Major Topics: PDS product overview - PDS/RDBMS interaction - How project setup affects the downstream project - Libraries containing various standards (such as ANSI) - What is controlled by the libraries - Customization overview (what exists; what can be customized) - Equipment overview - Piping overview - P&ID-to-Piping data transfer - Isometric drawing overview - Orthographic drawing overview - Interference Checking overview - MTO Reports overview.