EcoSys Assure

This EcoSys course focuses entirely on EcoSys Assure, the automated testing tool developed by Hexagon to drive functional regression testing of EcoSys. Automated testing means the automation tool executes the test, instead of requiring manual testing. EcoSys Assure can enter test data into the system, compare expected and actual results, and generate test reports that detail the test results. EcoSys upgrades and releases require the execution of the same test repeatedly. EcoSys Assure enables the system tester to design the required test suites and execute it as needed, ultimately speeding up release and upgrade cycles. This EcoSys Assure course explores and provides an understanding of the EcoSys test automation tool developed by Hexagon for EcoSys admins, super users, and other technical attendees. Building a platform of key terminology, TECO4100 presents the many aspects of EcoSys Assure, including Installation, Test Case configuration, and Test Case execution. Attendees gain experience with automated test configuration through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. Exercises progress through test creation from very basic clicks and navigation to more complex configurations involving inserting data, baseline comparisons, and visual workflow notifications.