Situational Awareness

Get data in context with an operational dashboard.

When your workers are in the field, do they have the full picture that they need to safely complete the job – or only a small puzzle piece that makes up that full picture? When your valuable information is scattered about, it can be difficult to visualize the full picture, causing lack of data driven insight. This results in guesswork, unlocking potential for bad decisions and risk.

In Operations and Maintenance, data tends to be stored in silos of diverse systems unable to communicate with each other resulting in poor data visibility. Ovum Research reported that this is costing the businesses at least 30% of revenue. Why give workers a single puzzle piece, when you could provide them the full picture with Situational Awareness through an operational dashboard?

With Situational Awareness, you can see

  • What was (what happened)
  • What is (real time)
  • What could be (simulation)
  • What should be (optimization)
  • What will be (autonomous)

Hexagon PPM’s complete Situational Awareness blends data visually to make better decisions more easily and with ultimate confidence.

Safer Workplace

Reduce OpEx

Improved Labor Productivity