Project Collaboration

Improve capital project communication and free up time for what matters most

As projects grow larger, more complex and need to be executed faster, the risks of overruns (schedule/cost) are increasing. Also, due to size and complexity more parties are involved and communication often becomes a bottleneck. This is troublesome in an industry where US$1 billion projects are now becoming the norm and multi-billion-dollar projects involving many different contractors working globally in multiple locations are more frequent.

To address these challenges, Hexagon PPM introduces the Project Collaboration solution. HxGN SDx® Projects in combination with EcoSys can help make sure all parties are aligned and informed. With the right information, at the right time, the right design decisions can be made in time. You are notified about actions through an automated workflow that track progress against your schedule and budget.

Be part of Hexagon's Project Collaboration and save 10% on engineering hours and improve your project design quality.

The Project Collaboration solution will enable your organization to:

Increase Efficiency of Engineering Work Processes

  • Enforced inter-discipline communication
  • Set workflow with all parties internal and external
  • Notification
  • Role-based access to protect IP
  • More efficient use of the resources (not chasing information)
  • Faster turnaround of the data/documents
  • Consolidation of all mark-ups
  • 10% less hours due to more efficient work/communication

Succeed with Accountability and Visibility into Project Progress

  • Role-based actions
  • Sign off
  • Defined and enforced workflow
  • Manage against budget and schedule faster access to the right/relevant data/documents
  • Discipline/task-based queries/relationship to see work packages and impacts

Are you ready for your communication problems to be solved?