Operator Rounds

The regular inspection of areas and equipment across hazardous industrial plants is crucial in running a safe and efficient operation. Unfortunately, important plant personnel are still stuck using paper checklists and clipboards which means the safety-critical and process information isn't always properly recorded. Your operators, the plant's first line of defense, are not equipped with the information they need when performing their routine duties, including operator rounds. 

To reduce operational risk, digitize operations and meet compliance, companies are implementing Hexagon's j5 Operator Rounds solution. This dynamic technology is configured in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment making it easy to implement, adopt and achieve quick-time-to-value. Safety-critical data is available to those who need it quickly and records are clear and consistent, making it easy to highlight and trend concerning data. Human error is substantially reduced because data is recorded and validated at the point of entry and follow-up workflow procedures can conditionally appear when anomalies are documented. Asset Performance Management (APM) and uptime are also improved due to better communication and risk reduction.

The j5 Operator Rounds functionality allows for full traceability and transparency of records, breaking down additional information silos and resulting in direct savings due to information accuracy, consistent procedure execution, quicker reaction to problems, increased compliance, and, of course, the elimination of error-prone data entry.


How It Works

The Bigger Picture: Business Value