Operational Twin

Optimizing processes and plant information through digital technologies can impact more than just your bottom line; it is an investment in your workforce. 

Employee satisfaction has become a competitive advantage in the process industry and is anticipated to be one of the top advantages with the increase in the retiring workforce. With strong employee satisfaction, companies will: 

  • Recruit the best employees to replace the aging workforce
  • Improve employee competency and values
  • Reduce the expenses associated with overtime, recruiting, and training 

Utilizing Hexagon PPM's Operational Twin makes your employees more productive and allows them a more enjoyable work experience without the frustrations associated with searching through legacy data and plant walk-downs. An Operational Twin is the plant's as-is, transactional, and time-series information. In other words, it is the pieces of a digital twin specifically needed for operations -- it provides the right workers with the data they need, in the right context, when they need it.

Your plant's available data is likely stored in a combination of file cabinets, personal hard drives, and outdated schematics. In a time where you can quickly find any information you need on the Internet from any device, shouldn't your workers be provided with the same efficiency to perform their job and make decisions?

Embrace an Operational Twin for your plant and move forward on the digitalization maturity curve. Hexagon PPM's solution will streamline processes while connecting your existing information, so workers can visually access the as-is model of your facility. Connecting this trustworthy plant information will reduce risk, improve worker productivity and ultimately improve employee satisfaction. Invest in your Operational Twin to support your workforce - recruit the most skilled workers and empower them to be successful!


Stay Competitive


Reduce Operational Expenditures through maintenance, productivity and compliance


Maintain high safety record


Recruit, retain and empower the best employees

Maintain High Safety Record


Quickly find information when you need it most


Trust the data you find, knowing you have a single source of truth


Break down the silos so everyone can benefit from up to date data

Employ the Best Workforce


Attract the best of the best skilled workers with modernization


Increase employee satisfaction by utilizing the same digital tools workers are comfortable with


Efficient, productive employees are motivated and focused, working on the right priorities instead of non-value-added work

See the Savings Across the Board


Improve reliability through better decision-making


Do more with less to improve optimization


Confident processes reduce audit efforts and fines

Janus24™ Real-time Monitoring Platform

The breakthrough story of how the powerful combination of Hexagon and OSIsoft™ solutions is digitally enabling the oil and gas industry to operate safely and comply with federal regulations.

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Benefiting from an Operational Twin

With the magnitude of the retiring workforce and the anticipated shortage of new-generation workers entering the process industry, it is vital that companies provide...

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