Customer Success

Understanding Customer Success

When our customers are successful, we are successful. The Customer Success team at Hexagon PPM is responsible for ensuring customers achieve their desired business outcomes while using our solutions and services. With Customer Success managers based in every global region, we work diligently to understand the unique challenges of each customer, while creating customized success plans to support short- and long-term goals.

The Customer Success managers at Hexagon PPM are knowledgeable advisors who work with different groups, including product development, support, sales and marketing to ensure sustainable corporate profitability and growth for our customers. 

Going Beyond Customer Support

Whereas Customer Support is reactive and works to resolve specific issues in a time-sensitive manner, Customer Success takes a long-term proactive approach to ensure customer value-realization. We work in conjunction with your management teams to deliver data trends, identify success milestones and provide quarterly updates to executive leadership.

Seeking Customer Lifetime Value

“Customer Success is designed to build customer loyalty. Loyal customers stay with us, develop a relationship and realize the full value of our solutions.”


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Hexagon PPM's Solutions are carefully created packages that digitally transform work processes, leading to greater productivity and return for our customers.

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Nothing shows software capabilities or commitment to customer satisfaction better than real-life examples from our customers.