Operations Management

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Many dangerous industrial sites are still using paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents, and other scattered data collection methods to manage safety critical human procedures like Shift Handovers. For over 20 years, j5 Operations Management Software has been continually evolving to help the process industries eradicate these unnecessary risks on one easy-to-configure digital platform.


j5 Mobility

Inspection Rounds are an important part of health and safety culture and many plant operators still rely on paper checklists and clipboards for field data collection. j5 Mobility allows personnel to collect a sequence of measurements or observations digitally on industry standard mobile devices. j5 Mobility applications - such as j5 Operator Rounds - are also configured using the spreadsheet-like j5 IndustraForm® Designer, allowing Control Room and Field Operators to easily collaborate on the same platform. j5 Mobility data can also be written to other industrial software - like the OSIsoft PI System - providing a clearer record of events happening across an industrial site.


j5 IndustraForm® Templates

In the process industries, many organisations have replaced - or are replacing - paper forms electronically and one of the common approaches involves the use of spreadsheets or word processors. In this context, there is often a spreadsheet or word processor file that is used as a template form, and new copies are created whenever fresh data is entered (for example, at the start of a new shift). This leads to enterprise form choas and to solve this problem companies are using j5 IndustraForm® Templates. This disruptive digital technology makes it easy to transform paper forms, spreadsheets, and word processor documents into enterprise level applications using a familiar spreadsheet-like configuration tool.


j5 Interfaces - Data Historians, Maintenance (CMMS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

j5 Operations Management Software interfaces with the OSIsoft® PI System®, Wonderware® Historian, Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21), SAP® Plant Maintenance (PM), SAP Human Resources (HR), IBM® Maximo®, and other value added industrial software. The connection to Data Historians powerfully combines human procedures with real-time data. Linking to a CMMS allows j5 Operations Management Software to synchronize assets, equipment, functional locations, work orders and work notifications. j5 Operations Management Software also interfaces directly with SQL and Oracle databases and can use Web Services and OPC.


j5 Dashboards, Reports, and Views

With the vast amount of information being collected across an industrial plant from all levels of the process, it is important to have the ability to contextualize and visualize this data easily. j5 Operations Management Software provides various standard tools to meet these requirements such as j5 Dashboards, j5 Reports, the j5 Timeline View (Gantt Chart), j5 Plot Plans, and the j5 Calendar View. j5 IndustraForm Templates® also have more visualization options including Bow Tie Diagrams. j5 Mobility entry Geolocation GPS Tracking can also be recorded and a connection to Hexagon SDx® can also bring in Engineering PDFs, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Intergraph Smart® formats and even 3D models and laser scans!


j5 Shift Operations Management

j5 Shift Operations Management is the only tried and tested digital operations management platform with spreadsheet configurability and enterprise scalability. It comprises of the j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Shift Handover, j5 Work Instructions, and j5 Standing Orders. It also includes the j5 IndustraForm® Designer and j5 IndustraForm Templates. The j5 Event Manager (Real-time Data Tag Watch List) can also be utilized if connected to a Data Historian Interface (such as the OSIsoft® PI System).


j5 Control of Work (CoW), Maintenance, and Process Safety

One of the major benefits of j5 Operations Management Software is the ability to integrate multiple Operations, Control of Work (CoW), Maintenance, and Process Safety procedures on one easy-to-configure digital platform. As a result, j5 Permit to Work, j5 Incident Management, and j5 Management of Change can also be accessed on one extendable solution, reducing the problems faced by having multiple disconnected applications from different vendors.