Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation offers a single engineering & design environment to create and manage instrumentation data across the lifecycle and consistently manage change across required deliverables.

Smart Instrumentation, the industry-leading instrumentation solution, facilitates increased productivity and lowered risks on project execution for the EPC and a single source of all instrumentation data access for plant owners to help lower cost of operations and increase process uptime.

What is smart instrumentation?

Smart Instrumentation is a large part of asset performance management, with plant engineers and operators now responsible for a variety of functions, including power management, maintenance systems, process automation, asset optimisation and safety - technology is even more valuable in streamlining those duties.

Smart Instrumentation software allows the data from sensors, electronics and process diagnostics to be centralised and aligned with tasks, reducing labor hours, improving compliance and keeping consistency in managing change.