Owner Operators & The Asset Information Challenge


Are your O&M activities inefficient and expensive?

Are you experiencing reoccurring breakdowns and down time or having problems with showing compliance? Are you losing time on locating and verifying information needed just to operate your asset?

Owners are spending on average 20-30% of their time just to find the information needed to operate their assets. Imagine the profitability improvements if you could use this time to actually operate, maintain, and improve your facility!

By digitizing your existing asset information and creating a digital twin of your physical asset, you can always find the information you are looking for. This smart asset will ensure management of change compliance and interoperability with third party operations systems such as maintenance, inspection, and reliability systems to improve safety, efficiency, and collaboration while extending your asset's lifetime.

How to digitize engineering information to create a smart asset?

Curious to learn how others have created future-proof, integrated, and digitized engineering information assets to support safe, compliant, and profitable activities? Learn how by downloading our free information package via the form on the right.

The package allows you to:

  • Read a case study on how Eskom creates intelligent engineering information assets with the help of Hexagon PPM technology.
  • Learn how Santos implemented an integrated SmartPlant® Enterprise solutions for a ground-breaking GLNG project.
  • Get the free white paper, Digital Transformation of Facility Operations.
  • Watch our "Make Your Asset 'Smart' " webinar to learn how others are facilitating the switch towards digitized asset information.

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Hexagon PPM Solutions Provide an Ideal Ecosystem for Singapore Refining Company

Watch Singapore Refining Company’s video testimonial which explains how Hexagon PPM software provides the ideal ecosystem to support its operations on Jurong Island. A joint venture between Singapore Petroleum Company Limited and Chevron, Singapore Refining Company operates a refinery that is capable of processing 290,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

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