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EcoSys is fast becoming the global software standard for the project controls industry. A web-based platform, EcoSys provides the deepest capabilities to support the complete spectrum of solutions within the Project Controls discipline – from project portfolio management and capital program management, through budgeting, forecasting, and performance reporting. EcoSys bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution.

Why EcoSys?

EcoSys excels in three areas: (1) it delivers the ability to perform best practice project cost controls directly within the system. However, most organizations have good data in multiple systems. As such, EcoSys was designed to serve as (2) a world-class integration platform as well, facilitating the creation of a “single version of the truth” that encompasses data from schedules, cost actuals, commitments and contracts, time sheets, and more. With that data, EcoSys leverages its (3) built-in reporting engine to provide automated, real-time reports and dashboards, controlled by end users rather than a reliance on IT or outside consultants.

Despite the deep planning and cost control capabilities, EcoSys is easy-to-use. It leverages an Excel-like interface but runs on a database with full business rule enforcement, audit trail, and role-based security. The system’s configurability allows customers to tailor spreadsheets, formulas, reports, and even terminology to create the best possible fit for an organization’s specific industry and internal needs.

EcoSys is a different kind of enterprise software solution which delivers a superior project controls experience, having been engineered to be easy-to-use, flexible, and responsive. We invite you to read, explore, and learn more about the EcoSys Advantage.

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