OceanMight Selects Intergraph Smart™ Yard to Consolidate Fabrication Yard Project Information and Processes

Pre-configured solution uses industry best practices to manage project lifecycle

07 10월 2014

OceanMight Sdn. Bhd., an associate company of KKB Engineering Berhad, has embarked on a project to integrate its construction/fabrication yard management, activities and project execution; and has selected Intergraph Smart Yard as the solution to provide and implement the project architecture after an extensive evaluation exercise.

Located in Sarawak, Malaysia, OceanMight is a PETRONAS-licensed fabrication yard for offshore facilities construction(major onshore fabrication) for the oil and gas industry. OceanMight offers full project engineering services including engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) from its purpose-built yard, including pipe spools and structural steelworks production.

OceanMight will implement the pre-configured Smart Yard solution across the entire life cycle of the integration project, including engineering, document management, material management, construction management, quality management, shop floor management, and testing and commissioning. Smart Yard includes workflows based on industry best practices that manage the EPCIC project lifecycle, and specifically addresses yards’ key work processes, which will allow OceanMight to consolidate project information and processes to improve productivity and reduce overall costs.

OceanMight officials said, “Intergraph Smart Yard will work in unison with our advanced automation production line to meet industry challenges and timely deliveries. By leveraging Smart Yard, we have the capability to develop new and more productive ways of working and minimize risk, empowering management to make better and faster operational decisions, optimizing yard activities and operations, and delivering projects in a timely fashion.”

Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president said, “We are proud OceanMight has trusted us to provide the sophisticated technologies that underpin its latest fabrication yard and to be a key partner in the fulfilment of its clients’ obligations and growth strategies. OceanMight’s selection of Intergraph Smart Yard to implement this key project recognizes our commitment to the marketplace, the breadth of our expertise and the fit of our solution in this sector.”

OceanMight expects an early return on investment thanks to Smart Yard’s streamlined processes, which improve transparency between the different disciplines and trades, provide access to accurate, real time information, and allow for more efficient change management.

Following the implementation of Smart Yard, OceanMight intends to optimize and enhance its yard operations further through the use of Intergraph’s Smart Production powered by NESTIX™ and SPO Systems Completion.   

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About OceanMight
OceanMight Sdn. Bhd. (OMSB), an associate company of KKB Engineering Berhad, is a PETRONAS licensed fabrication yard for offshore facilities construction - major onshore fabrication. OMSB offers full project engineering services including Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) to meet demands from its clients. Its offshore oil and gas product range includes substructures, inter-platform bridges, topsides (well head platform, central processing platforms and compression platforms, modules, decks, living quarters), jackets, process skids and modular compression skids.

Through its parent company, OceanMight benefits from the rich construction heritage and history of excellence in structural steelworks fabrication spanning more than five decades. It is continuously bringing in talent to develop its human and knowledge capital to further strengthen and enhance core competencies in yard management and project execution. For more information, visit www.oceanmight.com.my.

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