SmartPlant Electrical Advanced User (TELE1002E)

Huntsville, AL
21 9월, 08:00 오전 - 25 9월, 12:00 오후

Course Description This course is designed to train advanced users of SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL). This is an instructional course with an emphasis on giving the user a full overview of advanced features and functionalities of SmartPlant Electrical. Upon completion, the students will be able to apply these features and functions to their daily Electrical Design needs. Major Topics: SmartPlant Engineering Manager (SPEM) - SPEM Data Dictionary Manager - SPEM Format Manager - SPEM Filter Manager - SPEM Catalog Manager - SPEL Rule Manager - SPEL Option Manager - Single Line Diagram (SLD) and Schematic templates customization - Excel reports customization, registration and revision management - Copy existing data from other plants using Ref Electrical Engineer option - SLD and schematics revision management and comparison - Integration with Intools - Interfacing with ETAP/EDSA (overview) - Import Manager.

Course Prerequisites Successful completion of SmartPlant Electrical Basic User (TELE1001)

Course Price $2,750