Intergraph Smart® Materials

Intergraph Smart® Materials provides total materials management and subcontract management for plants and projects.

Intergraph Smart® Materials is an integrated solution for life cycle material, supply chain, and subcontract management. It provides a common collaboration platform and project workbench for all partners in any engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project supply chain.

Intergraph Smart Materials helps to lower project costs, compress schedules, improve risk management, and enable companies to act globally to maintain advantage in a highly complex, international, and competitive market. From initial cost estimation through the supply chain to on-site management, Smart Materials handles materials standardization, bills of materials and requisitions, procurement functions, fabrication tracking, and site functions, such as warehousing and disposition.

Available on SmartPlant Cloud

SmartPlant Materials has helped to streamline our process with easy creation of engineering requisitions and seamless management of the bill of materials for such a complex project.

Senior Vice President of Operations | PT Rekayasa Industri

Why Smart Materials?

Management by exception

Icon Management by Exception 

Experience better project cash flow management and true management by exception. 

Intergraph Smart Materials can provide high-level reports which allow management to see current material status at a glance and act only if needed. Our solution will make large amounts of complex data understandable for management and project directors.

Lower Costs

Cost Reduction 

Project teams can access information online during all project phases from engineering through the complete supply chain to onsite management. This means the right quantity of materials is handed over from engineering, enabling procurement to make the right decisions in project purchasing, supply chain engagement, and scheduling. This leads to the right materials being in the right place at the right time when construction begins.

Compress Schedules

Icon Compress Time 

Reduce plant schedule by avoiding shortages on materials. Using a daily forecast or simulation, materials managers are always in control of what materials are needed today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. The system shows if the required quantities will be there on time, and if not, who can rectify any potential issue.

Global Workshare

Icon Global Workshare 

Enable global project work-sharing and execution using correct, complete, and consistent data. Smart Materials will make sure everyone in the value chain is looking at the exact same data. It eliminates silo work and helps engineering, procurement and constructions teams work together in a most efficient way.

Data Reuse

Icon Data Reuse 

Reuse data throughout the plant life cycle, including operations, maintenance, and refurbishment. The longer Smart Materials is used, the more you will get out of it, not just by being able to compare your project performance across projects but also for creating quotes for new projects.

Onboard All Third Parties

Icon Onboarding 3rd Parties 

Using the Smart Materials Portal, you can easily onboard suppliers, subcontractors, and freight forwarders. Those companies can register and maintain their own data and also provide information related to requests for quotation, packing lists, and logistic information. Providing progress of subcontracts as well as change management of existing subcontracts complete this modern online platform.

Intergraph Smart® Materials Mobile Scan

What is Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Scan?

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Scan is a mobile application that enables barcode, QR code and RFID tag scanning in the construction yard. The app is fully embedded in Smart Materials – reading data from design and procurement, and sharing data with planning and construction. Utilizing Bluetooth, the app can connect to any UHF RFID Scanner and will make usage of the GPS geotagging within the device itself. The app can also run with gate reader scanners, to read the contents of shipments as they enter and leave the site. Smart Materials Mobile Scan is simple, intuitive, but powerful, the application has been designed to be easy to use with the minimal impact on your work processes.

Download the Smart Materials Mobile Scan brochure here.

Smart Materials Mobile Scan handles four different areas of material management onsite:

  • Receive
  • Transfer
  • Inventory
  • Issue
Easy Deployment

Icon DeployDeploy without Disruption

Get up and running quickly, without extensive delays, expense or upgrades.

  • With all these promised potential savings, you might be thinking “how long will it take me to actually get there?”
  • Rather than worrying about a long and expensive deployment process, Smart Materials Mobile Scan can be up and running on your site in just two weeks.
  • Existing active RFID or GPS technologies can be used with the advanced functionality of SmartPlant Materials, without any need for additional outlay or complex training.  Mobile Scan is easy to use; its simple user interfaces significantly reduce user training requirements.
  • Rapid deployment and user training in system configuration, administration and operating practices, means you can begin to save costs and work more efficiently almost immediately.
Perfect Integration with Smart Materials

Icon IntergrationGet More from Smart Materials

Smart Materials Mobile Scan is the only scanning solution fully integrated with Smart Materials allows you to unlock advanced functionality through a platform you already know.

  • Mobile Scan is part of Smart Materials and connects directly to it's database, which means you are not reliant on a third party system – which could introduce additional cost, risk and delay.
  • You can store and consistently report materials information from within the Smart Materials system and because it integrates with Smart Materials – as one system you already know and work with – no additional project support is necessary to utilize this added functionality.
Save Costs

Icon Save CostEliminate Waste & Drive Savings

Keep track of all materials on site – avoiding unnecessary expense and waste.

  • Scanning materials on the fly allows you to accurately track precisely what materials you have and where they are located. Using Smart Materials Mobile Scan, you can dramatically reduce the risk of lost materials being received and issued for construction.
  • Not only does this save you money by not having to re-purchase lost inventory, it also means you save by not needing to dispose of excess inventory at end of projects at or below cost.
  • Mobile Scan is fully integrated with Smart Materials, and fully compatible with existing mobile hardware – devices and scanners, meaning no additional outlay is required for new or specifically-branded hardware. There are also savings on personnel too: unlike other solutions, Mobile Scan has no requirement for ongoing technical support for new client projects. Once up and running, you are completely self-sufficient.
Work Efficiently

Icon Work EfficentlyWork efficiently using Smart Materials Mobile Scan

Everyone works from a single, accurate and up-to-date resource, allowing you to plan more accurately and get more done.

  • Mobile Scan can help you drive efficiency on your site. Our solution is more than 90 percent more efficient at receiving and issuing process at sites. Some of this comes from labour savings, but also from timeliness of recording data back into Smart Materials: Accurate data, where you need it, to work better.
  • Smart Materials is always up-to-date with quantities on hand or reserved. Its simple asset tracking functionality allows you to find materials quickly when you need them – so you don’t hold up downstream processes, causing delays and additional cost. The mobile application allows data to be collected at source and made available almost immediately (as opposed to later in paper format or once SmartPlant is manually updated). We reduce the amount of manual input required and eliminate data integrity issues between systems. Smart Materials is always up-to-date and always accurate, so you can rely upon it to plan and operate to the highest level of efficiency.

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Intergraph Smart® Materials Mobile Scan

This video features the highlights of Intergraph Smart® Materials Mobile Scan.

Intergraph Smart® Materials Mobile Scan

This video shows a brief introduction of Smart Materials Mobile Scan, a scanning solution that is fully integrated with Intergraph Smart Materials and how it enables barcode, QR code and RFID tag scanning out and about in the yard on mobile devices or directly from gate readers. 

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