Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation offers a single engineering environment to create and manage instrumentation data, as well as create and manage change consistently across required deliverables.

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation – the industry-leading instrumentation solution – facilitates increased productivity and lowered risks on project execution for the EPC and a single source of all instrumentation data access for plant owners to help lower cost of operations and increase process uptime.

In addition, you can create required deliverables from this single data source, ensuring consistency and the ability to manage and indicate changes across the deliverables. The ability to re-use the design and use company best practices increases efficiency and data quality.

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Why Intergraph Smart Instrumentation?

Reduce operational risk

Reduce downtown and maximize profits by managing all instrument data in a single environment

Quality and stability

Tested for increasingly complex projects, from small to large, with added quality and stability

On-specification performance

Through its calibration capabilities, ensures correct, on-spec performance of control system and documents

Faster project execution

Rule engine capabilities verify design with custom rules from external data sources for rapid execution

Optimize staffing efficiency

Use in a hosting or workshare environment for remote domain expertise and available resources

Take command of control situation

Reduce facility-related costs by leveraging data and enforcing consistency in design

This new version of Smart Instrumentation will have a big impact on the way we work at the plants using the new Engineering Data Editor, Query Builder and the Project Management.

Urszula Mika
Engineering Domain Expert | Shell TaCIT

Enjoy these great features

Engineering Data Editor

Provides a modern task-based ‘work bench’ to create, edit, compare, and report the instrument data which improves data quality and productivity

Query Builder

Offers easy access to the data and allows the engineers to compose a data view for editing, reporting, and more using a drag-and-drop interface that speaks the engineering language

Enhanced SmartLoop

Provides true data-driven loop drawing which reduces engineering hours

Intelligent data sheets

Includes complete new set of more than 90 intelligent data sheets that meets industry requirements

Making the Connection

Defines cables and connections and interfaces with Intergraph Smart® 3D for automatic cable routing


Designs control systems using Fieldbus technology

Project Management

Enables ability to scope projects, allocates to sub-contractors, and merges data back into the consolidated project to support engineering companies and owners; offers a unique, powerful solution to manage projects

Design rules

Creates accurate engineering designs with design rules, enforcing data quality and consistency

Bi-directional interfaces

Facilitates interfaces to Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, and more


Provides calibration module and Fluke calibration interface support to maintain an accurate control system

Easy reporting

Accesses and reports data to stakeholders through a web browser using SmartPlant Explorer


Integrates with SmartPlant Enterprise using the enhanced To-Do list that facilitates data sharing with clear coding of new, updated, deleted, and access to the related documents; also integrates with the supply chain such as automation vendors, instrumentation suppliers, and others

Additional Information

Complimentary Software

SmartPlant Family of products, including Smart Electrical.

Emerson Process ManagementDeltaV™ – out of the box

Smart Instrumentation's interface with DeltaV™, Emerson's distributed control system (DCS), makes it easy for you to share data between Smart Instrumentation and DeltaV within Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture. Reduce both your engineering configuration effort and the chance for errors. You can create quality data and documentation of your control system.

Licensed Smart Instrumentation users can download from Smart Support. Log into Intergraph® Smart Support and click on the View Downloads tab at the top of the page: Smart Instrumentation (INtools) --> Freeware Tools and Utilities and look under DCS Interfaces.

Emerson Process DeltaV Definition files

Flowserve – Direct Data Exchange – out of the box

Flowserve provides a range of flow management services, primarily for the process industries. Direct Data Exchange allows transfer of data between various user databases and Flowserve's Performance valve sizing and selection software. The software works with Smart Instrumentation and allows export of data from Performance in any format.

Fluke – Fluke calibration tools – out of the box

Process instrument accuracy can be affected by temperature, age, vibration and the normal wear-and-tear of daily operation. Fluke calibration tools can help you ensure that your instruments accurately measure process variables. You can meet product specifications, protect your machinery from damage, and prevent unscheduled shutdowns by better planning maintenance.

Honeywell – Experion™ Process Knowledge System

Honeywell will standardize its automation project engineering on Smart Instrumentation, the next step in an ongoing collaboration to integrate SmartPlant Enterprise with Honeywell’s latest process automation technology, Experion Process Knowledge System. The goals of the ongoing partnership are to optimize plant safety and productivity and to improve operational efficiency.

Licensed Smart Instrumentation users can download from Smart Support. Log into Intergraph Smart Support and click on the View Downloads tab at the top of the page: Smart Instrumentation (INtools) --> Freeware Tools and Utilities and look under DCS Interfaces.

Honeywell Experion PKS Definition files

SAP – SAP R/3 – out of the box

The Smart Instrumentation-API (IDEAL) interface to SAP R/3 enables you to access and view documents and drawings straight from the SmartPlant Instrumentation database without having to log off the SAP R/3 system. You can use both DLL and executable files, with the convenience of maintaining your engineering data in Smart Instrumentation.

External Editor

Smart Instrumentation External Editor is a free download that enables an external party, such as a vendor, contractor, or engineering company, to modify specifications outside of Smart Instrumentation.

The External Editor allows the user to open specification sheets that have been created in Smart Instrumentation and modify them as needed. The modified specification sheets can then be imported back into SmartPlant Instrumentation for further processing.

The External Editor supports .psr and .isf file formats. Using the External Editor, users may edit a single-tag specification or multi-tag specification.

The version of External Editor must match the version of Instrumentation in which the specification is going to be imported. Once a specification has been edited in a newer version of the External Editor, it cannot be downgraded to be imported into an older version of Instrumentation.


External Editor version 2018
External Editor version 2016 SP1
External Editor version 2016
External Editor version 2013 HF25
External Editor version 2013 RTM
External Editor version 2009 SP4
External Editor version 2009 SP3
External Editor version 2009 SP2
External Editor version 2009 SP1
External Editor version 2007.4
External Editor version 7

KKS Industry Standards

The reference data contains files to enable the Kraftwerks Kennzeichnungs System (KKS) industry standards.

KKS standards will facilitate standardized plant engineering processes and reduce project start-up time in the design of fossil, co-generation and nuclear power plants. Documentation is included that will explain how the standard delivered software and reference data (RDB) can be updated to support the KKS naming conventions.

KKS standards are available on Intergraph Smart Support.

Upgrade Program

Smart Instrumentation offers powerful capabilities to support your workflows and business objectives. Take these capabilities to the next level with the latest release of Smart Instrumentation.

Why upgrade?

New functionality

  • Intelligent datasheets
  • External functions (rules enable design verification during design)
  • Improved performance and integration capabilities
  • Hosting capabilities
  • Inter-company collaboration


  • Stress-tested release has successfully met users’ demands
  • Rock-solid solution for small, large, and complex projects across a wide variety of industries

Easy to upgrade

  • Simpler upgrade process minimizes manual input and automates the complete process

Contact us for more information about upgrading.

엔지니어링 설계의 새소식
Hexagon은 진정한 워크플로우 관리 통합과 플랜트 최적화를 위한 3D 설계, 시각화 및 엔지니어링 구성도 제품군을 개선하였습니다. 개선된 제품군을 통해 어떤 이점을 누릴 수 있는지 알아보세요.
Singapore Refining Company에 이상적인 에코시스템을 제공하는 Hexagon PPM 솔루션

Hexagon PPM 소프트웨어가 Jurong Island에서의 운영을 지원하기 위한 이상적인 환경을 어떻게 제공하는지 설명하는 Singapore Refining Company의 추천 동영상을 시청하세요. Singapore Petroleum Company Limited와 Chevron의 합작사인 Singapore Refining Company는 하루 290,000 배럴의 원유를 처리할 수 있는 정유 공장을 운영합니다.

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Smart Instrumentation

Smart Instrumentation boasts significant enhancements to improve the user experience, including productivity, integration, and the ability to deliver high-quality design data and deliverables. Let us share with you some of the new innovative tools that are available with this release of Smart Instrumentation.

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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation is the industry-leading instrumentation solution.

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