HxGN SDx® Operations

Ensures operations’ efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance through templated work processes. Manages change and interoperability with other operations systems.

Owner operators struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information – documents, drawings, data sheets – which are often duplicated in various folders and databases throughout the organization. HxGN SDx Operations is a cloud-based information management solution which will help address this challenge in practical, cost-effective steps.

HxGN SDx Operations conquers this struggle for the safe and efficient operation of your facility, putting the power of information in the hands of your facility workers with no on-premise hardware, software, or system support personnel. The prepackaged offering provides instant access to your asset information in a cloud environment; content can be maintained by existing facility staff, local engineering partner, or a Hexagon PPM certified partner.

Why HxGN SDx Operations?

Anywhere. Anytime.

Provides an intuitive, single point of access to all facility documents and data


Increases efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to find and validate engineering documents

Cost Effective

Improve access to engineering information at a lower service cost and lower application maintenance cost


Offers a cost-effective first step in a wider asset digitalization program

Informed decisions

Avoid bad decisions caused by reliance on incorrect information

Risk Management

Reduce risk and improve safety by ensuring critical information is available during incidents

HxGN SDx® Field Execution
HxGN SDx Field Execution is an app designed specifically for field workers to access data on their mobile devices, supporint iOS, Android and Windows devices. Read this product sheet to learn more!
HxGN SDx® Connector for OSIsoft
Break down barriers by connecting your solutions with HxGN SDx Connectors.
The Revolution is here: HxGN SDx® 2019
HxGN SDx 2019 is here! See the highly anticipated single integrated platform for HxGN SDx Projects and HxGN SDx Operations and their practical features in this webinar.
HxGN SDx® Connector for TruView
Make the most of HxGN SDx with connectors! The more pieces of your digital twin you can connect to each other seamlessly, the more confident you can be in your data, increasing efficiency and safety.
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대형 인계의 과제: 프로젝트 및 운영 중 인계 지원

한 연구 결과에 따르면 미화 10억 달러 규모의 시설에 대한 운영 비용 인계는 최대 2천만 달러이며 완료하는 데 1년이 걸릴 수 있다고 합니다. 최근 Hexagon PPM이 실시한 설문 조사 과정에서 산업 정보 관리 전문가들이 인계 난제들 중 일부를 공유하였습니다. 정보 품질 검토 및 완전성 확인은 물론 해당 사양에 대한 정보 검증도 가장 중요한 것으로 간주되었습니다.

Singapore Refining Company에 이상적인 에코시스템을 제공하는 Hexagon PPM 솔루션

Hexagon PPM 소프트웨어가 Jurong Island에서의 운영을 지원하기 위한 이상적인 환경을 어떻게 제공하는지 설명하는 Singapore Refining Company의 추천 동영상을 시청하세요. Singapore Petroleum Company Limited와 Chevron의 합작사인 Singapore Refining Company는 하루 290,000 배럴의 원유를 처리할 수 있는 정유 공장을 운영합니다.

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