PV Elite®

This pressure vessel and heat exchanger design software is easy to learn and use. PV Elite® gives users fast start-up and confidence in their safety code calculations.

PV Elite® provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors with solutions that match their pressure vessel and heat exchanger design needs. Because the program is easy to learn and use, it is perfect for both regular and occasional users requiring fast start up and confidence in their safety code calculations.

PV Elite is a complete solution for the quick and intuitive design of new pressure vessels, and it also evaluates and re-rates existing vessels, including Fitness for Service analysis. The program considers the whole vessel, addressing all of the wall thickness rules and stress analysis requirements for vertical towers, horizontal vessels and heat exchangers.

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Why PV Elite?

Improve Productivity

Enjoy simple vessel design and analysis along with exchanger design and analysis.

Save Time

Benefit from faster workflows thanks to tubesheet design and analysis, rectangular and non-circular vessel analysis, and individual component analysis.

Enhance Data Accuracy

Boost confidence in your safety code calculations with the software’s design tools and wizards, plus comprehensive error checking.

Key Features

Data Collection

PV Elite makes defining pressure boundary conditions for vessels and exchangers easy.


Graphical representation of analysis models helps ensure confidence in the input and results.

Analysis Options

PV Elite performs calculations in accordance with ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 & 2, PD 5500, and EN 13445.

Output and Reports

To simplify inspection requirements, PV Elite lists the most important equations, such as required thickness and MAWP.

Materials and Codes

PV Elite is a global package with international code rules plus extensive region-specific content.


PV Elite interfaces with other popular software packages for finite element analysis, foundation design, and drafting.

PV Fabricator™

PV Fabricator offers advanced tools for the production of fabrication deliverables of pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

PV Elite® Industries


Engineers in the chemical or petrochemical industry often experience a variety of challenges during the pressure vessel design verification process, including time constraints and inherent delays. With PV Elite®, you can perform verification in a quick and efficient way.

PV Elite lets you enter data into a subset, keeping access to help on any item a simple keystroke away. Complete with international code rules and region-specific content, you can manipulate data inputs easily. With PV Elite, you can verify pressure vessels quickly, which helps expedite the client delivery process.

To learn more about this complete pressure vessel and heat exchanger design software solution, contact us for a demo today.


Pressure vessel equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and designers use PV Elite® to realize efficiency. From reducing design cycle times to performing quick and accurate calculations, PV Elite helps you design and engineer equipment with confidence. Other capabilities include the following:

  • Perform heat exchanger and pressure vessel design and analysis
  • Enter data based on subsets for easy retrieval
  • Analyze effects of wind and seismic conditions
  • Execute saddle, leg, and skirt design
  • Ensure compliance with international vessel codes
  • Much more

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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry has a wide variety of facilities, complete with varying demands. The approach to a brewing facility will differ greatly from a processing plant. With that in mind, there is a single software solution available when designing pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

PV Elite® provides engineers and designers the means to enter data once and use it for multiple tasks. Other features include the following:

  • Built-in error checker
  • Individual component analysis
  • Custom reports
  • Seismic and wind evaluation
  • International vessel codes
  • Much more

Learn more about PV Elite - the pressure vessel design and analysis software solution for the food and beverage industry.


Offshore structures are subject to extreme conditions not commonly found on land. PV Elite® has proven itself in the pressure vessel and heat exchanger design process for marine environments as well as for landlocked industrial facilities.

PV Elite also makes the most of the data that you put into it. Information is collected into helpful subsets and is also entered to simplify inspection requirements. Important equations, such as thickness and maximum allowable working pressure, are grouped together and summarized for easy review.

Right away, you'll benefit from PV Elite's extensive content. Complete with international code rules, local wind and seismic loads, piping component data, and more, this offshore pressure vessel design software lets you accomplish more.

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PV Elite® gives engineers confidence in their data input and results. After the data entry process, PV Elite generates graphical analysis models complete with international code rules and specific regional content. These layers of data are easy to manipulate. Data can also be synchronized with other AutoCAD®-based solutions offered by Intergraph, CADWorx® Plant Professional and PV Fabricator®.

For the pharmaceutical industry, these features are of particular interest:

  • Individualized component analysis
  • Design wizards
  • Error checker
  • User-definable reports
  • International vessel codes
  • Much more

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During the plant design process, engineers, designers, and other stakeholders must be able to communicate seamlessly. From creating revenue-earning deliverables to synchronizing data, CADWorx® and PV Elite® follow the philosophy of "enter once - use many times." Entering data once for multiple purposes helps reduce the costs and time involved. Plus, it leads to greater accuracy because models are automatically updated instead of having a new model created for each task.

This integration helps pipe engineers and designers work with the heat exchanger design - not against it.

Explore the advantages of PV Elite - the premier pressure vessel and heat exchanger design software available on the market - and CADWorx - the comprehensive AutoCAD®-based plant design solution.


Whether you engineer equipment for the power industries or design power plants, you'll find a number of reasons why PV Elite® is the premier pressure vessel and heat exchanger design software.

  • Easily perform vessel, tubesheet, or heat exchange design and analysis
  • Insert data for individual analysis
  • Use helpful design tools and wizards
  • Interpret region-specific content as it relates to wind and seismic conditions
  • Rely on a comprehensive database of international vessel codes
  • Much more

See how PV Elite can benefit your project and contact us for a demo today.

Process Plant Design

PV Elite gives you the confidence to engineer pressure vessels and heat exchangers during the plant design process. This comprehensive pressure vessel design software solution can be used to perform load analysis calculations to ensure compliance with ASME codes as well as test the effects of wind and seismic conditions.

Entering data in PV Elite is intuitive and reliable. In fact, it has helped plant designers and engineers reduce inaccuracies and expedite the heat exchanger and pressure vessel design process.

Explore the features PV Elite can offer you during the plant design process and contact us for a demo.


PV Elite® provides the tools to design and engineer pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the marine industry. For shipbuilding, PV Elite helps you examine conditions specific to a marine environment. From providing regional wind and seismic content to ensuring models comply with international vessel codes, PV Elite delivers even under the most extreme uses.

Features of this pressure vessel design software include the following:

  • Data is streamlined into logical subsets
  • Rich graphical displays help you identify trouble spots
  • Calculations are performed according to ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 & 2, PD 5500, EN 13445, and API 579
  • Links to CADWorx® Plant Professional and PV Fabricator® helps synchronize data
  • Much more

Experience PV Elite's capabilities first hand by requesting a demo today.

Water Treatment

PV Elite® simplifies the pressure vessel and heat exchanger design process for water treatment facilities. Heat exchangers help maintain temperatures and assist with the pollutant removal process. No matter the heat exchanger you wish to design, PV Elite is the premier heat exchanger design and analysis tool with a number of features:

  • Robust error checking
  • Regional wind and seismic analysis
  • Sensible data organization
  • Quality support
  • Comprehensive vessel codes
  • Much more

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PV Elite® & TANK™ 2016 Webinar Series

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