SupportModeler™ for PDS® can build your company's standards into flexible libraries of pipe support assemblies.

Assembly libraries define the detailed graphics for 3D modeling, the rules for sizing and placement, and everything needed to create automatic fabrication drawings for each support in a project.

SupportModeler™ will accelerate modeling and detailing of both standard and engineered pipe supports. The software enables integration of the modeling of pipe hangers with the rest of the plant design. This powerful pipe support detailing package captures the engineering intent for pipe supports. Take advantage of a better quality design by automating your fabrication drawing production. SupportModeler is fully integrated with PDS®, the world's best-selling 3D plant design package.

Why SupportModeler

Save time

Generate quality details for standard or engineered supports with SupportModeler's fabrication drawing system – saving the time it takes to draw manually

Save effort

Combine modeling, drawing production, and material take-off (MTO) tasks into a single automated and integrated workflow

Increase productivity

Speed placement and ease checking effort with out-of-the-box "smart" libraries

Increase design quality

Facilitate pre-assembly and pre-installation

Manage complex projects

Manage large projects with thousands of supports that can scale to any size project

Improve project quality

Improve project quality through visualization and formal clash detection

Improve data accuracy

Integrate the detailed pipe support design process into the rest of the plant by using SupportModeler in the PDS environment

Protect legacy data

Protect legacy data by migrating paper-based company standards into your intelligent 3D CAD design systems

Reduce Errors

Reduce field errors by creating better-detailed drawings in greater quantities

Enjoy these great features

Interference detection

Minimize expensive rework in the field due to interference between pipe supports and other plant structures and equipment.

Instant visualization

Detailed 3D graphics provide instant visual feedback at the time of modeling.

Individual fabrication drawings

Bring the goal of pre-assembled and pre-installed pipe supports one step closer with individual, annotated drawings for both standard and custom supports.

Material tracking

Intelligent components allow review, reporting, and interface to material management systems.


The workflow of modeling standard supports and custom supports is combined into a single tool.


Extensive delivered libraries make SupportModeler productive right out of the box, with user-created custom libraries added as required to improve productivity even further.

Deliverables to the O/O

The O/O can enjoy reduced risk for schedule slippage, accurate data for information handover, and up-to-date data as sustained during operations for revamp projects.

PDS® is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.