Intergraph Smart® Laser Data Manager

Intergraph Smart® Laser Data Manager provides a full office workflow to import, register, validate, manage, and render point clouds when working with CloudWorx™ for Intergraph Smart® 3D.

Intergraph Smart® Laser Data Manager allows users to import digital reality data from any major 3D sensor (hand-held scanners, terrestrial laser scanners, mobile mapping systems, UAV and imaging sensor platforms) into Cyclone REGISTER to create an integrated, centralized, accurate, and consolidated point cloud, taking advantage of productive, semi-automatic and fully automatic alignment tools supported by detailed statistical and visual analysis of the results for validation.

In addition, Intergraph Smart Laser Data Manager users are able to produce the highly popular TruView representation of scan data from any of the imported 3D sources, from any sensor, and from any location in the data to provide an immediate web browser-based representation of the captured view for rapid consumption and decision making purposes.

Why Intergraph Smart Laser Data Manager?

Automatic Workflows

Cyclone REGISTER provides powerful, easy and automatic point cloud alignment tools and image-to-point cloud alignment tools to simplify and complete data registration and photo texturing in an efficient workflow

Quality Registration Results

Cyclone REGISTER reports the overall accuracy of the registration with detailed statistics on each target or overlapping cloud alignment

Unsurpassed Fidelity

JetStream loads and fully renders the entire point cloud instantly, regardless of dataset size, providing accurate and informed modelling with no need to decimate data at the cost of fidelity

Centralized Data Administration

JetStream’s storage and administration tools provide a centralized data repository for easy deployment to all users with individual user access controls

Easy Collaboration with Free Viewer

Cyclone PUBLISHER allows users to share laser scanner data in an intuitive, easy to use interface via Leica TruViews. Publish TruViews for free use and viewing on mobile devices or desktops. Partners, customers, contractors, engineers, and anyone part of a project ecosystem can make a virtual visit to see or create measurements, mark-ups and notes, or GeoTag hotlinks.

Support for all Sensors

Cyclone REGISTER is a powerhouse for total sensor fusion, supporting 3D data from terrestrial, mobile, and hand-held scanning devices

Maximum Quality and Performance

Downstream Data Compatibility

Cyclone REGISTER imports and prepares all standard point cloud data formats, allowing users to push the data to JetStream for downstream consumption in CloudWorx for Smart 3D or to create TruViews with Cyclone PUBLISHER for downstream collaboration

Full Automation

Cyclone REGISTER’s auto-alignment tools provide fast, automatic alignment, with easy user tools for best-in-class speed and accuracy. Use SmartAlign to auto-align scans for fast, accurate registration, and take advantage of tools for the auto-alignment of camera images to the point cloud for maximum productivity.

Statistical Reporting

Detailed statistical reports are suitable for informing project reports with error statistics and histograms


Cyclone REGISTER can handle any number of scan setup positions and JetStream can render any number of points for unsurpassed office productivity

Sensor Fusion

Cyclone REGISTER will integrate scan data from all the most important sensors and data sources

Data Compression

JetStream’s data compression capabilities minimize the required storage space by up to a factor of ten, lowering costs and reducing network traffic

Centralized Data Storage

Support simultaneous users with no need of wastefeul, expensive, and error-prone data duplication

Centralized User Management

Administer user access control to individual point cloud data sets for better data security across all your projects

Increase Modeling Productivity

During every action (pan, zoom, clip, etc.) the user experiences a continuously fully rendered point cloud with no lag, eliminating wait times for improved productivity

Data Security

Ensure project teams are provided validated access to a connection and not the full copy of the data, maintain full authority, control and management rights over digital reality data

Free Web Viewer

Creating TruViews with Cyclone PUBLISHER allows for free, easy sharing, viewing, measuring, and mark-up of point cloud data via the web or intranet. TruViews can be accessed via desktop or mobile platforms for simple collaboration


Download this white paper to learn how CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D connects to the point cloud and enables users to make the hybrid between the existing plant and newly modeled parts.