Intergraph Smart® Laser Data Engineer

Intergraph Smart® Laser Data Engineer provides state-of-the-art point cloud rendering performance in CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D users via the JetStream point cloud engine. With its instant loading and persistent full rendering of the point cloud during user actions  regardless of the size of the dataset  Smart Laser Data Engineer delivers ultimate fidelity to the user.

JetStream’s centralized data storage and administrative architecture  while serving the high-performance point cloud to users  also provides an easy-to-use project environment, making data distribution, user access control, backups, and other IT functions easy and effective, saving time and money. 

Why Intergraph Smart Laser Data Engineer?

Unsurpassed Fidelity

JetStream loads and fully renders the entire point cloud instantly, regardless of dataset size, providing accurate and informed modeling with no need to decimate data at the cost of fidelity

Centralized Data Administration

JetStream’s storage and administration tools provide a centralized data repository for easy deployment to all users with individual user access controls

Single Source of Truth

End users are able to access the point cloud as soon as it is pushed to JetStream. There is no longer a need to move and store multiple copies of the same data on every user’s computer. Any changes to the point cloud are pushed to the Vault, all connected users inside their chosen PPM software are then updated instantly

Free JetStream Viewer

Scan data can be shared and used by anyone in the free to use JetStream 3D point cloud viewer. The inbuilt tools allow users of any experience to move around and interact with the cloud. Measurement tools instantly provide valuable dimensions directly off the accurate scan data

Data Security

Using the centralized database, external companies with sufficient connectivity can be given access to point cloud data. This eliminates the need to use portable hard drives that are becoming widely banned as they pose a data security and corruption risk.

Maximum performance

Increase Modeling Productivity

During every action (pan, zoom, clip, etc.) the user experiences a continuously fully-rendered point cloud with no lag, eliminating wait times for improved productivity

Data Compression

JetStream’s data compression capabilities minimize the required storage space by up to a factor of ten, lowering costs and reducing network traffic

Centralized Data Storage

Support simultaneous users with no need of wastefeul, expensive, and error-prone data duplication

Centralized User Management

Administer user access control to individual point cloud data sets for better data security across all projects

Free JetStream Viewer

Deploy unlimited amounts of high-definition digital reality data to anyone, unlocking the full potential of laser scanning across the enterprise

Data Security

Ensure project teams are provided validated access to a connection and not the full copy of the data, maintain full authority, control and management rights over digital reality data


Download this white paper to learn how CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D connects to the point cloud and enables users to make the hybrid between the existing plant and newly modeled parts.