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30~40년 수명에 걸친 플랜트 운영을 원활하게 하기 위해서는 처음부터 효율적인 지능형 플랜트 엔지니어링이 요구됩니다. Hexagon PPM의 종합 플랜트 엔지니어링 솔루션은 현대의 쉴새없는 글로벌 엔지니어링 작업공유 환경을 위해 개발되었습니다. 모든 엔지니어링 부문은 지능적이고 완벽하게 통합되어 있습니다. 한 영역의 엔지니어링 변화는 그 변화가 어디서 발생하든 자동적으로 모든 연계된 대상의 변화를 촉발합니다. 플랜트 최적화를 유도하도록 설계된 규칙 기반 환경은 엔지니어링 오류를 방지하여 가동 중단 및 생산 손실을 방지합니다.

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엔지니어링 & 도식 툴


Intergraph Smart P&ID

Intergraph Smart P&ID® helps develop and manage your piping and instrumentation diagrams with a focus on the plant asset and design quality and consistency. The piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is the "process roadmap" of the plant and is developed, accessed, shared and modified throughout the plant lifecycle. Therefore, it is critical that the P&ID is kept up-to-date, accurately reflecting the as-built plant because other disciplines base their design decisions on the data from P&IDs.


Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation offers a single engineering & design environment to create and manage instrumentation data across the lifecycle and consistently manage change across required deliverables.


Intergraph Smart Electrical

Design and maintain a safe, reliable power distribution system from load identification to plant startup. Fast-track project execution for engineering companies and lower operational risk for plant owners are keys to business success, and Hexagon's PPM division can help you achieve these goals. Intergraph Smart® Electrical is a task-specific, rule-driven and data-centric solution that helps you gain a competitive edge in the industry.



SmartSketch® is a versatile and cost-effective precision engineering and drafting product.


SmartPlant Explorer

Engineers spend the majority of their time trying to find data – more specifically, trying to find the latest data. SmartPlant® Explorer can help reduce that time by providing easy access to data from the Hexagon portfolio.


Intergraph Smart P&ID Design Validation

Intergraph Smart® P&ID Design Validation speeds up the iterative workflow of piping system verification, checking for consistency among the logical and physical piping designs. Design Validation streamlines comparisons between Intergraph Smart P&ID and SmartPlant® Isometrics (PCFs, PODs); Isogen®-generated isometrics/drawings (IDFs, PCFs); and PDMS models.


Intergraph Smart Engineering Integrity

Intergraph Smart® Engineering Integrity will check P&IDs, instrument and electrical data against safety and engineering practices and project standards.


HxGN LiveView for Engineering

LiveView for Engineering is a powerful and intuitive mobile viewing app that allows you to seamlessly find, view, navigate and print live engineering data to support your work process.

CADWorx P&ID Professional


The process of creating piping and instrumentation diagrams should be fast, efficient and transparent. With CADWorx® P&ID Professional, you can make fully intelligent process diagrams that seamlessly tie into your current corporate standards.



The world’s most widely used pipe flexibility and stress analysis software, CAESAR II® is a complete solution that enables quick and accurate analysis of piping systems subjected to a wide variety of loads, taking into account weight, pressure, thermal, seismic and other static and dynamic conditions, based on user-defined variables and accepted industry guidelines.



Hexagon’s PPM division structural analysis and design modeling software is used by structural engineering professionals for concrete, steel, and reinforced concrete design of structures.


PV Elite

PV Elite® provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors with solutions that match their pressure vessel and heat exchanger design needs. 



TANK® is a comprehensive, easy-to-use program for the design, analysis and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 620, 650 and 653.


Visual Vessel Design

VVD is a comprehensive pressure vessel, shell and tube exchanger, and boiler design and analysis software with a focus on European codes and standards.