FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)

FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)는 자산 라이프사이클의 가장 중요한 부분입니다. 이 단계에서 프로세스 기술과 플랜트 구성을 계획하고 효율적인 시공 및 운영을 결정합니다. 이러한 계획을 적절하게 구현하고 소유자가 플랜트 또는 확장에 투자하는 결정을 지원하기 위해서는 안전을 최우선으로 하되 계획에 필요한 모든 구성 요소를 확립하고 제대로 구성되도록 하는 것이 중요합니다. Intergraph Smart® and SmartPlant® FEED 솔루션은 확실한 개념을 설계하고 정보에 입각한 투자 결정을 가능하게 하는 툴입니다.

과정의 각 단계

3D Design and Visualization

for FEED

Intergraph Smart® Review
Intergraph Smart Review is your problem-solving 3D visualization tool. It is ideal for the visualization and engineering animation specialist who uses the software daily or the occasional user who needs to review designs and use the 3D model as a graphical interface to access project data linked to the model.

Intergraph Smart® Reference Data
Intergraph Smart® Reference Data provides materials libraries at the corporate and project levels and enables better standardization and change management.

Engineering and Schematics

for FEED

Intergraph Smart P&ID
Intergraph Smart P&ID helps you develop and manage your piping and instrumentation diagrams with a focus on the plant asset.

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
Intergraph Smart Instrumentation offers a single engineering environment to create and manage instrumentation data, as well as create and manage change consistently across required deliverables.

SmartSketch is a versatile and cost-effective precision engineering and drafting product.

Intergraph Smart Electrical
Electrical engineers have to be flexible and quick with last-minute load changes and additions. SmartPlant Electrical is fit for the job, with powerful capabilities such as design re-use, rules to check the design, cable management, and scenario-based design of distribution systems for cases like summer, winter, and start-up.

SmartPlant Explorer
SmartPlant Explorer provides easy access to data from the SmartPlant Enterprise Engineering & Schematics solution suite.

SmartPlant Engineering Integrity
SmartPlant Engineering Integrity will check P&IDs and instrument and electrical data against safety and engineering practices and project standards.

Intergraph Smart Process Engineering
Manage process simulation cases to drive the design case and the associated deliverables such as PFD and data sheets as well as make the data available for downstream design.

Asset Information Management

for FEED

HxGN SDx Projects
HxGN SDx Projects addresses the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders.

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators
SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions addressing key owner operator work processes across the plant life cycle.

Intergraph Smart Cloud

for FEED

Intergraph Smart Cloud
Intergraph Smart Cloud brings the suite of Intergraph Smart Enterprise Portal, third party solutions, and in-house applications all within reach.

Projects Performance

for FEED

The standard for driving superior capital projects performance

설계 자동화를 증진하기 위해 종합 파이프 라이브러리를 추가한 Intergraph의 오랜 고객

현대건설은 새 파이프 구성요소를 위해 Smart 3D 및 SmartPlant 참조 데이터 인터페이스를 설정합니다.

대형 인계의 과제

여기에서 백서 <대형 인계의 과제>를 읽거나 한 단계 건너뛰어 여기를 클릭해 Hexagon PPM의 인계 사양서로 CFIHOS 규정 준수를 시작하십시오.

Intergraph Smart® Materials

"SmartPlant® Materials는 산업 표준으로 인정되며, 그 근본 데이터 구조는 자동화된 자재 관리 시스템을 원하는 우리의 요구사항을 완벽하게 충족합니다."

Ichiro Ota, Chiyoda Corporation
총지배인, 엔지니어링 서비스 담당 | 일본 요코하마

EYECAD로 상당한 설계 작업 시간을 절감한 Japan Engineering Corporation

"EYECAD 덕분에 프런트엔드 엔지니어링 설계에서 건설에 이르기까지 일관된 생산 및 관리를 실현하고 있습니다. 그뿐만 아니라 모델을 입체적인 3D로 검토할 수 있어 설비 내용을 쉽고 정확하게 볼 수 있습니다"

Akira Yamamoto, Japan Engineering Corporation
설계부 | 일본

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