SmartPlant P&ID Automation Layer (TSPL1003E)

MADISON - Huntsville, AL
26 August, 08:00 AM - 29 August, 05:00 PM

Course Description: This course lays the foundation for those who will use the Automation layer of SmartPlant P&ID. The Automation layer provides programmatic access to the data and drawings of SmartPlant P&ID. You can manipulate P&IDs, modify the data in the database, and extract information for further analysis using the Automation layer. There are two typical implementations of Automation layer, namely programs running external to the modeler and programs integrated into the modeler environment. Using the latter implementation, you can extend the capabilities of the modeler in ways to fit your specific needs and workflows. The Automation layer can be implemented using standard COM-compliant development platforms. You can easily integrate other data sources with SmartPlant P&ID by using the database access capabilities of the development platform. In this course, you will learn the general concepts necessary to implement the Automation layer using Visual Basic. You will also learn how to customize some of the delivered functionalities. Topics Covered: Overview of Automation - UML and Data Model - Logical Model Automation - Placement Automation - PIDAutomation - Calculation/Validation Interface - Import Interface - Customization of Delivered. Functionalities. Course Prerequisites: An introductory knowledge of SmartPlant P&ID, MS Excel, and relational database concepts is required. Intermediate level of Visual Basic experience is required, which includes object-oriented programming concepts, class creation, and interface implementation.