SmartPlant Foundation Basic Authoring and Administration (TSPE4500)

Espoo, Finland - Hexagon PPM
05 February, 09:00 AM - 09 February, 04:00 PM

What will the course cover?

The SPF 2014R1 Advanced Authoring and Administration course is the second in the PPM series of classes designed to introduce an administrator and a data model to the SmartPlant 2014 data dictionary and structure, utilizing product version 2014R1 ( Topics covered in this course provide an introduction and understanding of meta-schema and schema concepts, an overview of the SmartPlant Schema definition, and a working knowledge of the Schema Editor. The course illustrates the steps necessary to configure objects within SPF to alter the Out-Of-The-Box functionality. This course also focuses on configuring classified objects, generating and modifying data forms, and configuring methods, menus and toolbars.

What are the major topics covered?

  • Review of the SmartPlant Foundation Data Model
  • Introduction to the Schema Editor
  • Loading schema modeling data using the Schema Import Wizard
  • Schema Overview and Modeling
  • Methods, API’s, and Conditions
  • Configuration of Object Access in the Desktop Client
  • Data Loading and Export
  • ENS Configuration
  • List Edit Configuration
  • Datasheet Configuration, Modeling, and Mapping
  • Data Lists (Excel Import)
  • Custom Plant Breakdown Structure

Who should attend?

  • For those performing an SPF setup and configuration.