Cryostar SAS Lowers Deliverable Costs with Intergraph®

French manufacturer Cryostar SAS selects SmartPlant® Enterprise Solutions for engingeering, procurement and engineering needs in turnkey power plant projects.

The Challenge

Cryostar is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipment and specializes in cryogenic pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, and automatic filling stations for industrial gases, natural gases, and clean energy. 

To remain a leader in the industry and meet customer demands, the French manufacturing company needed the ability to integrate all components for a power plant, as well as gas liquefaction projects. These components included process, piping, instrumentation, structure, and equipment. A completely integrated system would ensure higher-quality deliverables for projects and streamline the modification process. Cryostar needed a system to integrate the design, process, piping, instrumentation, and structural tasks of its power plant and gas liquefaction projects.

Specifically, it had to find the solution that would:
  • Improve quality for full project deliverables
  • Enhance time management for search and modifications
  • Support pipes in 3D model

The Solution

Cryostar implemented Intergraph’s SmartPlant® 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Review, SmartPlant Foundation, and SmartPlant Instrumentation to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information transmitted by the 3D models and other deliverables it submitted to customers. Additionally, the company needed a fully integrated solution to link the 3D module instrumentation to the P&ID, providing support for the pipes in the 3D model and automatically generating catalogs from this data.

Initially, there were approximately 20 Cryostar employees working with the Intergraph® solutions, all of whom became operational on the software in just three months of training. Since implementation, Cryostar has substantially lowered engineering deliverable costs, has experienced a simpler management process for modifications of project documentation, and has reduced on-site rework rates to below three percent.

"The integration of our engineering and data management applications through the SmartPlant Enterprise solutions has shown us real-time productivity improvements," said Didier Bertrand, project manager at Cryostar. "As we become more familiar with these applications, we expect to improve on these benefits, which will help us deliver higher quality results to our customers and increase our competitiveness in the industry.”

Cryostar is continuing the integration of its Intergraph engineering applications, including the company’s most recent addition, SmartPlant Instrumentation.