Litwin Selects SmartPlant® 3D to Improve Productivity

Litwin provides comprehensive engineering services, from feasibility studies through construction of plants, for clients in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. It chose to implement SmartPlant® 3D on a live project without going through a pilot phase.

The Challenge

With a growing demand of large CAPEX projects, Litwin faces the challenge of completing turnkey jobs in a limited amount of time on a pre-defined budget. Litwin set out to improve productivity and realize significant improvements in workflows and discipline integration using a new generation of engineering software. The company also needed capabilities to ensure environmental compliance.

Litwin needed to accomplish several things:

  • Easily exchange the data generated during design
  • re-use it to increase data consistency throughout the design, procurement, and construction phases
  • have an interactive and user-friendly Microsoft® interface; and have access to an easy-to-use 3D design tool.

The Solution

For the implementation of a live project, the design team used SmartPlant® 3D in a concurrent engineering mode for the 3D modeling of the civil work, structural steel, equipment, piping, and cable trays. 

the company completed the first phase of its overall program using Intergraph® PDS® software, and then the company selected Intergraph SmartPlant 3D software for phase two. Customers using SmartPlant 3D typically realize 25 to 35 percent initial increases in productivity compared to other systems, higher quality deliverables, and shorter schedules.

“The first measurable benefit was the efficiency in piping drawing production,” says Jean-Luc Hoffert, Litwin layout and piping design department manager. “We have already saved 30 percent of our time in drawing production compared to the first project.”

SmartPlant 3D is now fully integrated with Litwin engineering capabilities. Litwin will continue to develop the SmartPlant 3D module and looks forward to upgrading to the 2009 version, which will include additional improvements, including queries. Litwin will concentrate its efforts on all interfaces with the SmartPlant Enterprise suite, SmartPlant P&ID, and instrumentation solutions it uses to maximize efficiency and fulfill its requirements.