Professional Services

Group Outside HSV Office

Professional services employees work closely with customers throughout the sales and implementation stages. Whether it is a pre-sale product explanation or a post-sale site visit, our professional services employees are there to assist the customer and ensure Hexagon PPM is doing all it can to never, ever let a customer down.

"The career development opportunities at Intergraph are outstanding. I’m constantly learning new things about the plant industry and recently completed an internal study program, receiving a demonstrator certification. I started out as a SmartPlant Materials engineer and now I’m in charge of SmartPlant Construction, too."
Junhee Cheon, Power Task Force Team Manager
9 years, Korea 

“What I love about Intergraph is the continuous effort for improvement and innovation. The opportunity to learn from so many experienced colleagues provides motivation for personal growth.”
Alvin Ling, Technical Lead-Information Management
9 years, Australia 

“I chose Intergraph more than 15 years ago. Intergraph was introduced to me as company with a wide range of job descriptions and flexibility in executing the assigned work with a great degree of self-responsibility. This indicatedto me the possibility to be an excited employee with high engagement over a long period of time. All this is still in line with my expectation of this company and is compliant with my personal attitude.”
Sandor Konietzka, Executive Director - Project Management & Consultancy
15 years, Germany