Team Meeting, Coding

Hexagon PPM developers overcome barriers blocking the way for breakthrough technologies. In this fast-paced environment, scrum teams utilize each individual’s strengths, highlighting the value of every single member.

"Intergraph is not just a place of work. There's a lot more. There's a community here. It's not a place I go every day and think I'm only expected to do work. It's a place I can go and hang out with my friends and get things done. I think that's what really sets Intergraph apart.

Peter Speak, Software Analyst

2 years, USA

"Intergraph has helped me to be successful by creating the opportunity to work with people who have been here for decades. It’s really helpful to have people who are willing to come alongside if you don’t get somethingand be patient and understanding while they walk you through it. The scrum teams also are a great environment and help to keep stress levels down.” 

Margaret Caufield, Software Analyst

2 years, USA

"Intergraph has strong core values for its customers, employees, and shareholders. The company faced many technological challenges in its history, and the strength of its people is to succeed in reshaping products and solutions. Our customers can always rely on Intergraph to move forward in highly competitive markets."  
Alain Claude, Software Development Manager
25 years, France