20160831 Highlighting new features in IM Portfolio 2016 R0

Recorded on August 31, 2016.

Download this webinar to learn the new features in SmartPlant® Foundation (SPF) 6.0 and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) 4.0 (Information Management's 2016 R0) and simplification of administration and configuration will improve user experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to see highlights in the newest release of SmartPlant Foundation and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators - 2016 R0 release (SPF 6.0/SPO 4.0).

We improved your experience with new features and simplification of administration and configuration, including:

  • New Attribution Manager to create and manage properties by type and class
  • New Access Control Analysis module
  • Multi-Quick Find and Disabling of pick-list values
  • RESTful Web Services and how these can be used with third party solutions
  • Intuitive interface through Intergraph Smart™ Enterprise Portal integration
  • Additional third party integration options, such as SAP, through Smart Enterprise Portal
  • Reduced implementation and maintenance efforts through SmartPlant Foundation’s simplified creation and maintenance of tag attributes

Additionally, future IM Portfolio plans were briefly discussed.