Introducing the Super PCF

Enhancing piping data exchange between engineering, fabrication, and construction

Isogen® is the most widely used software to automate piping isometric drawings. Almost all 3D piping design software solutions either include Isogen or at least support the Isogen data file – the piping component file, or PCF. Because of this, the PCF is an ideal way to transfer piping data between engineering, fabrication, and construction companies.

Hexagon PPM is seeking to support intelligent data transfer by making the PCF format available for general use by anyone wishing to either read or write piping data  and by extending it to hold more data, the so-called Super PCF. The scope was proposed by industry stakeholders working as part of the FIATECH Project Information Flow (PIF) project.

Why use the Super PCF?

Reduce error and rework

Using the Super PCF for data transfer means that people do not manually copy information in documents

Improve productivity

Automation of fabrication and construction work processes leads to cost savings

More consistent results

The extended PCF means that all parties are working with the same data, ensuring consistency of results



Super PCF is available in all Intergraph tools


Available for download

Easy adoption

You are probably already using the PCF; configuration changes are required to turn on the Super PCF data