Fiatech Webinar: Engineering Basis to Manage Operational Risks

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24 January, 10:00 AM - 24 January, 11:00 AM

Register now for the upcoming webinar,  "Engineering Basis to Manage Operational Risks." Intergraph's SmartPlant® engineering and design solutions will be featured in this Faitech-hosted webinar.

Webinar description from Fiatech

There are many drivers and challenges to manage an oil and gas facility. Key ones are safety, production continuity, and cost of maintenance. Owners are always looking for ways to manage those better, especially given the market situation and available skilled resources.

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Schematic solutions although not mission critical for plant operations – produce engineering data for maintenance and asset management reports that support many crucial operational tasks.

For example, we need P&ID to perform the HAZOP studies and instrumentation data for product quality and safety. In this webinar, we will discuss examples of how SmartPlant® engineering and design solutions can help owners address key operational challenges such as safety, maintenance, and inspections.

Please join us and get on the path of smart and efficient operations.