SmartPlant Fusion 2016 Core (Basic) Admin & Training Certification (TSPO4000E)

01 January, 12:00 AM - 01 January, 12:00 AM

Course Description: SmartPlant Fusion 2016 Core (Basic) Administration and Certification training is an instructor-led 5 day class introducing administrators and implementation personnel to the concepts and functionality provided by the SmartPlant Fusion 2016 (4.0) software. This course consists of lectures describing the different capabilities of the Fusion software reinforced by hands-on activities as well as written tests and a final hands-on activity to demonstrate the student's ability to understand and deploy a Fusion implementation. The class begins with an introduction to Fusion concepts and terminology along with several chapters describing how to use Fusion once it has been installed and configured (a pre-configured training site will be used for this chapter). The user chapters will include information on identifying duplicate documents as well as the Quality Control module used to make any relationship corrections or additions. Using the Fusion Administration module to define new organizational items will be discussed as well as defining document discovery patterns for the various readers that are provided Drawing reader, Document reader, and Image reader. Tag hotspotting rules will be discussed as well as OCR processing for scanned images. The class concludes with the process needed to create a new plant structure. Major Topics: Fusion Components and Readers, Fusion Document and Content Discovery Concepts and Finding, sorting & viewing captured documents and drawings. Finding and creating hotspotted tags in a laser scan, Defining, new Document and Content Discovery Tasks (DDT/CDT) and Duplicate document resolution. Fusion QC: Resolve Relationships, Reference Files, Tag Maintenance, Using the Document Workbench, Tag Completeness Reporting. Setting up new TruView Integration and Fusion sites and Using the Fusion Administration Module. Defining new Document Discovery Patterns and Details for using the Drawing Reader. Tag hotspotting rules and Configuring and using the document reader. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) setup and processing and High Definition Scanned Laser images and the Laser Reader. Running Business Intelligence Reports and Ad Hoc Reports and Creating and configuring a new "Fusion" plant. Course Prerequisites: An understanding of the following concepts and materials listed is strongly recommended: Familiarity with Microsoft Windows 7/2008 Server and RDBMS (Oracle or MS SQL Server) SPF 2014 R2 Basic Authoring and Administration (TSPE4500). Valid software products for this training: SmartPlant Fusion 2016 Site (SRBY603AV-0400C), SmartPlant Fusion 2016-Lease (SRBY604AV-0400C), SmartPlant Fusion 2016-Annual Lease (SRBY608AV-0400C).