SmartPlant P&ID Setup and Customization (TSPL1001E)

MADISON - Huntsville, AL
19 August, 08:00 AM - 23 August, 12:00 PM

Course Description: This course is the foundation for those who will administer and customize the application to meet specific work processes and standards. You will learn how to set-up a Site and Plant Structure with SmartPlant Engineering Manager and the details of SmartPlant P&ID reference data management and customization. Topics Covered: SmartPlant Engineering Manager and SmartPlant P&ID Overview - Creating a Plant Breakdown Structure (PBS) hierarchy - Creating a SmartPlant P&ID Plant - User Access - Data Dictionary Manager - Options Manager - Rule Manager - Catalog Manager - Filter Manager - Format Manager - Line Style Editor - Importing external data - Creating symbols and labels - Creating reports. Course Prerequisites: A basic understanding of Windows, MS Excel, and relational database concepts is required. Familiarity with P&ID design is helpful.

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