ICAS Webinar: Help! How to Find the Answers to Your Questions

GoToWebinar, Online - (Time zone: CDT)
23 May, 10:00 AM - 23 May, 11:00 AM

What do you do when you have questions about your software? Get the inside scoop from experts in Documentation & Support. Save time and get back to work more quickly. Take advantage of the best tips and tricks to maximize your software productivity. Attend this webinar to learn more about:


  • Help Tab - Overview of Buttons, Languages, Check for Updates, Email Support & What's New
  • F1 Help - Animated GIFs, Conceptual Graphics & Procedures
  • News Feed - Instant View of the Latest Product News
  • Forums - Where to Access & How to Use
  • Training - Frequency & Locations
  • Newsletter - Where to Find, Frequency & Product-specific

Smart Support

  • Searching for Articles in the Knowledge Base
  • Viewing Product Documentation or Downloads
  • Service Requests
  • Tips for Creating an Effective SR
  • Joining Email List for Service Packs & Fixes