How to Achieve a Confident Startup and Prevent Chaos in Commissioning

GoToWebinar, Online - 10:30am CET time
29 October, 10:30 AM - 29 October, 11:30 AM

Join this webinar on Tuesday, October 29th, to learn how to unlock commissioning productivity, lower CAPEX by 1% and reduce Compilation Handover Time by 98%.

Here´s what we will cover:
Why you should implement completions and commissioning solution early in the project lifecycle
Why a data-centric delivery and a collaborative environment are necessary for a confident startup and how to combat the traditional siloed process of project lifecycles
Why projects are facing startup uncertainty and what can be done
How to achieve real time project, clear custodians, stages, and critical paths visibility.
How to end completion with “as is” / “as built” and transform digital twin into real time operational twin

Is there productivity gain of PID integration with Completion software during commissioning