ENEX Optimizes Power Plant Design with Hexagon PPM Technologies

Rostovteploelectroproekt, one of ENEX’s design subdivisions, purchased SmartPlant Enterprise solutions suite to create 2D models for piping and instrumentation and a 3D plant model.

The Challenge

In 2010, Rostovteploelectroproekt, one of ENEX’s design subdivisions, purchased SmartPlant Enterprise solutions suite for design of the following units:

  • Novocherkasskaya hydroelectric power station, power unit № 9 with circulating fluidized bed boiler installation (nominal power 330MW);
  • Steam-turbine compartment with the capacity of 24 MW within a hydrocracking system at Rosneft Achinsk Refinery.
  • Interoperability and efficiency is fundamental for thorough and accurate power unit design. Rostovteploelectroproekt chose Intergraph solutions for the project to ensure the quality and consistency of design and data. The SmartPlant technology used consisted of three functional groups:
  • 2D modules to create logical discipline based models (Intergraph Smart P&ID, Smart Instrumentation, Smart Electrical);
  • 3D module to create a complex 3D plant model (SmartPlant 3D, now a part of Intergraph Smart 3D);
  • Central repository, integration, data management module (SmartPlant Foundation).

First task was to create 2D models for piping and instrumentation. For this, ENEX used Intergraph Smart P&ID. Implementation did not cause any practical difficulties, since Smart P&ID’s workspace is portraying one of the types of the output documentation. After six months this solution was fully configured and was functioning in accordance with industry and company standards, taking its place among the instruments used for design documentation delivery; 95 percent of what needed to be done in terms of P&ID diagrams and supporting specifications, could be done in this solution.

The next project phase included creation of a 3D plant model, and the challenges during this phase included the absence of vendor and materials databases, and the complexity of the configuration of the documents outputs without corresponding software knowledge. Also a human factor was present - specialists were not willing to automate their work. This solution enabled instrument design in both engineering as well as operations. SmartPlant solutions made it possible to create a logical automatized model of control and instrumentation equipment.

The final objective ENEX wanted to achieve was to create an electrical power supply model of the plant. For this Smart Electrical was implemented, a solution that enables the creation of an electrical power supply model of the plant.

The Solution

Intergraph Smart 3D was brought on board to create an intelligent, parameterized 3D model of the plant in a single workspace. When implementing Smart 3D, the project team were impressed by the great potential of the solution.

The functionality of the structure module in Smart 3D is more designed to deliver metal structure documentation. In order to deliver documentation on steel structure details and reinforced concrete structures, it was decided to use Smart 3D due to its ease of implementation and use. Hexagon PPM solutions were chosen over competitor solutions due to the value associated with purchasing these solutions and licenses. 3D models are used at all units mentioned above.

From all the SmartPlant Foundation functionalities, Rostovteploelectroproekt mainly used the SmartPlant integration function. This enabled the company to:

  • Implement automatic tracking of change among all the disciplines
  • Generate tasks to all related disciplines
  • Tracking and coordination the tasks among all the design team members.