LR Marine Realizes Significant Time Savings with CAESAR II And CADWorx

Danish EPC company installs ping connection for a VOC recovery system on operating vessel

The Challenge

For this project, LR Marine was hired to route and install a piping connection for a VOC (volatile organic compounds) recovery system on a Norwegian crude oil tanker. The project scope included executing a laser survey on the existing vessel to ensure that the new equipment would fit into the existing piping.

One of the main challenges during the project was the necessity to ensure the fitting of the new VOC recovery system into the existing piping, and guaranteeing that there would be enough space available for the installation and welding.

An additional challenge was the ability to ensure the accuracy of the design for the new equipment: the ship was located in the United Kingdom whilst the fabrication work took place in Northern Germany. This meant that revisiting the vessel for rechecking information would have cost LR Marine significant time, and slowed down the overall project execution.

To ensure that the new equipment would fit, LR Marine chose to execute a laser survey of the deck and the piping of the vessel with the help of Leica Total Station and to use CADWorx Plant Professional for the 3D design of the new piping.

The Solution

First, LR Marine boarded the ship in Liverpool and used Leica Total Station to 3D scan all the piping and equipment on the deck, which took only one day. Afterwards, Leica engineers converted the point cloud data into a readable file, which LR Marine converted into a CADWorx file (.dwg format). By using CADWorx Plant Professional, LR Marine were able to determine and create an exact and accurate design of the VOC new equipment.

The next step was to design the new piping and the connections between the existing piping and new equipment.

After fabrication was finalized, LR Marine was awarded a contract to further fabricate and insulate the new piping. The pipe spool drawings were produced based on the 3D design created in CADWorx, and this information was also used to create a cut out plan for fabrication. The new piping was afterward installed in the FA yard at Odense, Denmark, and the installation was done under the supervision of LR Marine.

When installing the new piping, it was not enough to have sufficient space for the piping to fit into the deck, but extra space for installation and welding was also needed. LR Marine’s extensive experience on similar projects combined with the accuracy of the designs created in CADWorx Plant Professional enabled the company to overcome this challenge.

Soren Kjaer, sales manager at LR Marine said “This type of combination of Leica and CADWorx offers a unique capability to have access to as-built information anywhere in the globe. It enabled us to improve efficiency and deliver our customer high quality and accurate results in a record time.”