Kyushu University Boosts Education Outcomes with Intergraph® Design Tools

Respected Japanese University complements shipbuilding engineering curriculum with market leading technology.

The Challenge

As part of its education approach to ship design and building, the Department of Marine Systems Engineering at Kyushu University sought to provide the industry standard in enterprise engineering software to help prepare students to enter the professional world. 

Specifically, the university wanted to introduce and simulate the use of Intergraph® plant life cycle engineering software for the shipbuilding industry.

The Solution

Intergraph PP&M has provided an education grant to the university to deploy a number of licences of Intergraph Smart® 3D, SmartSketch®, and SmartPlant® Review. This will enable students to gain valuable experience through hands-on training and learn sophisticated techniques using the same software as industry professionals.

According to Dr. Satoru Yamaguchi, Associate Professor of Department of Marine Systems Engineering at the university, “This generous software grant from Intergraph enables Kyushu University to prepare our students for careers in shipbuilding prior to entering the workforce. Having the market’s leading tools integrated within the Department of Marine Systems Engineering’s curriculum has resulted in enhanced education outcomes for students.

"We have created a well-rounded curriculum with the addition of Intergraph tools. We are complementing our students’ theoretical knowledge of shipbuilding and naval architecture with practical application through the use of technology. Being able to prepare, visualize, and manage designs in real-time has benefited our students in learning the value of concurrent engineering – a concept that is increasingly being adopted by owner operators, engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs), and fabricators to improve productivity and reduce costs.

“The Intergraph tools are extremely valuable in demonstrating the power of having access to accurate engineering data and the relationships between deliverables in shipbuilding design projects. These skills will enable our students to be well-prepared for the technological challenges they will face in their future careers.”

Read the entire case study in English here; read the case study in Japanese here