Intergraph Smart® Production Powered by NESTIX

Intergraph Smart® Production Powered by NESTIX presenta un approccio bottom-up unico per controllare l'intero processo di produzione all'interno dei cantieri e dei siti di fabbricazione, basato sui concetti dell'Industry 4.0. Con più di 400 clienti, è una soluzione collaudata che include tutte le funzionalità per la preparazione del lavoro, il nesting delle parti e la generazione del controllo numerico (NC), con bilanciamento del carico di materiale e risorse in un'unica soluzione integrata.

Smart Production si integra con la progettazione 2D/3D, la pianificazione, la gestione dei materiali e le macchine in officina.

La soluzione aumenta notevolmente l'utilizzo dei materiali e delle risorse, gestisce i residui, migliora i tempi e il flusso dei materiali e riduce significativamente le ore uomo necessarie nel processo di preparazione del lavoro.

Scarica la scheda della soluzione Smart Production.

Perché Intergraph Smart® Production Powered by NESTIX?

Change Management

Manages all changes to the production process consistently throughout with a data-centric approach

Control Production

Access real-time feedback from shop floor machines and workstations to provide valuable insights on work progress at any given time

Improve Material Utilization

By integrating inventory, actual usage, and remnant management into the process, significant material optimization can be achieved

Caratteristiche principali

Increase Design/Production Visibility

Using Intergraph Smart 3D planning assembly hierarchy setup as the basis, the system visualizes in detail real-time production status compared to plan

Efficient Load Balancing

Based on production routing and previously established estimates, Smart Production allows back and forward scheduling based on available resources and capacity (load balancing) to allow the creation of an accurate work preparation plan

Easy Production Scheduling

Just-in-time production scheduling is supported throughout the complete process, including assembly and sub-assembly stages using the part fabrication scheduling into account

Moduli di produzione Intergraph Smart®

Smart Production Pipe

Smart Production Pipe is for pipe fabricators who want to optimize their material and schedule. It allows automatic management of working queues within the pipe fabrication process and early identification of impact. Through load balancing of resources (material, people, and machines) Smart Production Pipe helps users meet delivery dates.

Efficient nesting of pipe parts and optimization in the work preparation process allows a constant flow of work through the organization. This will further improve the agreed-upon delivery schedules and identify potential bottlenecks early in the process.

Smart Production SSC

Smart Production SSC manages the complete Steel Service Center (SSC) production process, starting from the quotation calculation and continuing through part production, packaging, delivery, and final invoicing.

By using the real geometry, Available To Promise (ATP), and Capable to Promise (CTP) functionalities, a unique, accurate, quotation can be quickly achieved, which helps provides a competitive edge. Reduction in quotation time of 30 to 80 percent can be realized, as well as improved profitability of orders.

With the inclusion of nesting, material optimization algorithms, and remnant management, material saving of 1 to 5 percent can be seen. This is also applicable for coils.

This all contributes to keeping promised delivery dates and being viewed as an even more reliable partner.

Smart Production Enterprise

With Smart Production Enterprise, the yard or fabricator is automatically enabled to manage the working queues for plate, profile, and/or pipe workshops as well as panel welding workshops.

Efficient automatic nesting of parts, aligning internal logistics for the panel lines, and optimization in the work preparation process (through load balancing) allows a constant flow of work through the organization. This will further improve the internally agreed-upon delivery schedules, identify potential bottlenecks early on in the process, and improve material utilization up to 1 to 5 percent.

Smart Production MES

Smart Production Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows the production planner to assign the working queues for plate-cutting workshops that have multiple cutting machines.

Through efficient automatic nesting algorithms, material optimization and remnant management are fully supported. Besides handling standard parts, the solution is design system-agnostic and can handle input from almost any design system. The software supports important advanced cutting technologies such as bevel cutting, all marking methods, bar code, QR-code, and drilling.